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What’s There to do Around Beit Shemesh?

January 29th 2018

Beit Shemesh is a mini-center about half an hour between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, a growing community that keeps expanding outwards. While this town is known for being a comfortable community for Anglos to get acclimated after aliyah, not many people are aware of the tremendous tourist appeal that surrounds this quiet city. Check out […]

Unique Tu B’Shvat Customs to Celebrate

January 25th 2018

The open shuks are loaded with fresh, dried, and candied fruits of every type. The aromas of spices and flowers budding are also in the air. All these signs point to one thing: Tu B’Shvat is coming! Tu B’Shvat is a special holiday because we are celebrating a unique birthday: the birthday of the trees. […]

What’s There to do in Beersheba?

January 23rd 2018

Many tourists never venture as far south as Beer Sheva, or if they do, they often circumvent this little town for the more exciting Eilat. While it can get hot enough to cook an egg on the sidewalks during the real heat of the summer, Beer Sheva, also known as Beersheba, actually contains some amazing […]

3 Best Boardwalks in Israel

January 20th 2018

There is something very magical about strolling along a boardwalk. The sea as your backdrop, the sky painting a picture of tranquility, and the action going on around you creates the perfect blend of romance, reality, and peace. If you know just what we mean, then you’ll appreciate the following post. We’ve put together a […]

What’s Worth Making The Trek to Caesarea For

January 18th 2018

Most cities in Israel have their own distinct personality. Jerusalem is as Biblical as it gets, while Tel Aviv is a thrilling hotbed of culture and arts. Caesarea is like stepping straight into a storybook with castles, ancient ruins, and exciting adventures abound. So, the next time you’re visiting the Middle East, make sure to […]

5 Neighborhoods in Israel You’d Be Surprised at How Fun They Are

January 15th 2018

You’ve booked the hotel, airfare, and tours. You arranged the car, the shuttle, and the meals. You’ve checked and double-checked, and this year’s Israel vacation is going to be epic. At last, you arrive, and there’s just one thing standing in between you and your dream holiday: TOURISTS! If you hate sharing the air space […]

Check Out What to do in & Near Kfar Saba

January 10th 2018

Kfar Saba is not your hot happenings city. But, while it can’t compete with Tel Aviv or Jerusalem in a popularity contest, Kfar Saba has quite a few attractions (especially for younger children) to enjoy. Take a look at our list of exciting outings in Kfar Saba for your next trip to Israel. Yudis Gymboree […]

Check Out What to do in Ashdod

January 5th 2018

The only mention of Ashdod that we ever heard was when friends went on a summer tour and found a stunning beach that was quiet, serene, and picturesque. Otherwise, who’s ever even heard of Ashdod? It is, in fact, one of the most beautiful cities in Israel, and it would be a crime to miss […]

Check Out What to do in Herzliya

January 2nd 2018

Herzliya isn’t like most cities in our series on lesser-visited Israeli hotspots. It’s not here because people don’t know about it, but rather because Herzliya is so vast, people often get lost in the glitter and just give up their pursuit of tourism and entertainment. Luckily, we’ve sorted it all out for you and selected […]

Check Out What to do in Holon

December 26th 2017

Holon, like Rosh Pina and Ein Kerem, are not on the list of top ten most well-known Israeli cities, and that actually works to your advantage. Why? Because it means you can travel these exciting destinations without the throngs of tourists that many of the more popular locations attract. Not sure what’s available to do […]

Check Out What to do in Petah Tikva

December 22nd 2017

Petah Tikva isn’t exactly what you would call the epicenter of culture, tourism, or anything else really. In fact, when browsing a map of Israel, you might not even notice this little city, but that would be a mistake because Petah Tikva has got some great attractions for visitors to enjoy. So, check out what […]

Check out What to do in Tzipori

December 18th 2017

We’ve done a fun series on lesser-known locales around Israel that are actually more exciting than you’d imagine. And, many tourists have told us how enjoyable their trips were because of these off the beaten path suggestions. But, who has even heard of Tzipori? Dollars to donuts you haven’t and that you couldn’t point it […]

Doing Mevaseret Right

December 14th 2017

Mevaseret isn’t one of those places you mark on your Israeli bucket list. After all, it doesn’t have any tremendous religious significance; it can’t compete with the coastal cities for beaches or scenery, and as far as culture, well, Mevaseret wasn’t exactly first in line when those titles were being handed out. Yet, buried within […]

Doing Netanya Right: Top Things for Tourists to Do in Netanya

December 12th 2017

Netanya is known by the locals for being beautiful, quiet, and a well-kept secret from tourists for years. Well, now it’s time for you to enjoy this gorgeous location for yourself. So, we’ve created a list of awesome itinerary toppers for your next visit to Israel. You’re going to love this list, just don’t tell […]

Eating out in Tiberias

December 8th 2017

Part of the joy of going on vacation is being able to chow down without worrying about the shopping, cooking, and cleaning up after the meal. What’s not fun is searching the countryside for a good restaurant that fits your taste, culinary expectations, and dietary restrictions. Well, you’ve lucked out because we have a list […]

Eilat’s Hidden Jewels

December 4th 2017

Everyone knows that Eilat’s the best place to go for snorkeling, swimming with the dolphins, and tax-free shopping in Israel. Fewer people know about the stunning Red Canyon hikes, and if you’re looking for a more nature-themed visit to Eilat, then check out these hidden jewels Mother Nature gifted to the area. Coral Beach Reserve […]

Is There Anything to Eat in Tel Aviv? Kosher Touring in Tel Aviv

November 30th 2017

Tel Aviv is a fabulous place to visit for culture, art, science, technology, and design. The streets are brimming over with museums, centers, concerts, and hubs of all things that can fascinate the mind. What you won’t find in abundance around these bustling avenues are kosher restaurants. If you are dying to visit this hub […]

Kosher Eating out in Eilat

November 28th 2017

If you thought it was hard to find kosher restaurants in Tel Aviv, try getting something with a kosher symbol while visiting Eilat! Known for its pristine beaches, exciting water sports, and impressive malls, Eilat doesn’t have much to offer in the way of religious accommodations. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered. Here’s a list of […]

Little Known Wonders of Tiberias

November 24th 2017

Most people’s eyes pass right over Tiberias when they’re planning their Israel itinerary, and why not. With the mystical Safed to the north, the cultured Tel Aviv to the South, and the capital city towering above all, who really has time for lazy, neglected Tiberias anyway? While those other cities might be on the top […]

Marveling Meron Before & After Lag Ba’Omer

November 20th 2017

Everyone knows that Meron is the place to be when Lag B’Omer comes around. With bonfires rising to the heavens, music streaming through the air, and crowds that reach the tens of thousands filling every inch of the streets surrounding the gravesite of Rebbe Shimon Bar Yochai, it’s definitely one of the most happening spots […]