What’s Worth Making The Trek to Caesarea For

January 18th 2018

Most cities in Israel have their own distinct personality. Jerusalem is as Biblical as it gets, while Tel Aviv is a thrilling hotbed of culture and arts. Caesarea is like stepping straight into a storybook with castles, ancient ruins, and exciting adventures abound. So, the next time you’re visiting the Middle East, make sure to stop off at some of these unforgettable destinations.

Caesarea National Park

The national park in Caesarea is certainly the most exciting attraction in the city. It’s broken up into two main sections:

Crusader Gate

This is the northern entrance to the park and brings travelers along through the Crusaders City down to the harbor.

Roman Gate

This is the southern entrance of the park and focuses on the highlights that pertain to the Roman period.

Both sections can be seen on the full-day hike, and it’s well worth the time to travel through the captivating findings of history.

Herodian Amphitheatre

Another intriguing bit of history that was unearthed in Caesarea is the Herodian amphitheater. This is where actual gladiator challenges were held, and the massive 10,000 seat amphitheater tells the tale of these gruesome battles. Alongside this tremendous structure, were found the remains of a period bathhouse as well. Visitors will marvel at the lovely geometric mosaic floor tiles that are still preserved.

Time Tower

Anyone who enjoys history will really appreciate the Time Tower. It’s a digitally-enhanced video projection of Caesarea throughout history. It carefully depicts, through computer-generated images, the way the city looked at different stages of its existence. It is truly marvelous to see the transformation through the decades.

Scuba Diving

Of course, if you’re more the sea experience type of traveler, then head straight to the shores for this riveting adventure you’ll never forget. Scuba diving along the Caesarean coast is not like diving anywhere else. The Underwater Archeological Park, a one of a kind park throughout the entire world, is built upon the ancient Herodian port.

Don’t forget the antiquities museum and a few other exciting hotspots in the vicinity. Visit Caesarea today, and be amazed at how well we can recreate the past while still looking towards the future.