Judean Desert Tour Sites

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Masada Mountain Ruins

An iconic destination which combines archeological discovery, breathtaking views of natural landscapes, Temple-era history lessons and insight into the timeless spirit of the Hebrew people, Masada is one of Israel’s must-see sites. The story of this attraction begins with the building of a fortress on a mountain-top in the Judean desert by Alexander Jannaeus in […]

Mitzpe Jericho Observation Deck

In the Judean Desert, on the way from Jerusalem to the Dead Sea, lies a relatively small Jewish community of about 450 families known as Mitzpe Jericho, where an Observation Deck attraction is set to open in the months ahead. The name Mitzpe Jericho literally means Jericho Lookout, and the spot is so named because […]

Genesis Land Camel Rides

Biblical reenactments are good fun, but Genesis Land takes the experience to a new level. Meet a caravan of camels led by Eliezer, the servant of Abraham, on the way to the patriarch’s tent. Make the acquaintance of Joseph and his brothers mere minutes before the sibling rivals throw Joseph into the pit. Witness the […]

Ein Gedi National Park

Thanks to rainfall in the Judean Mountains, Ein Gedi National Park is a wellspring amidst the surrounding desert. First-time visitors are often taken aback by the juxtaposition – while the surrounding desert is dry and brown, Ein Gedi is alive, bursting with wildlife, rich vegetation and cool, clear streams and waterfalls. It is a vibrant […]

Qumran National Park

At Qumran National Park, you can visit the ancient settlement of Qumran and walk among the ruins of the Essenes to gain a window into how and why they lived in the midst of the desert more than 2,000 years ago. Qumran National Park is located along the northwestern shore of the Dead Sea. The […]

Kfar HaNokdim Village

Kfar HaNokdim Village offers Bedouin-style hospitality, culture and tradition mixed with gorgeous desert scenery. Your first impression of this Judean Desert oasis is likely to be one of astonishment. Palm trees, biblically themed gardens and desert buildings decorate the village. Guests can enjoy an entire Bedouin meal in a traditional, open-sided Bedouin tent. The meal […]

Qasr Al Yahud Jordan River Site

A biblical landmark, Qasr al Yahud is located on the banks of the Jordan River, just north of the Dead Sea. Not far from the ancient city of Jericho, Qasr al Yahud is said to be the site where the Israelites, freed from Egyptian slavery some 40 years earlier, crossed into the Promised Land under […]

Mineral Beach

Please note: Due to sink holes in the area, this site is closed until further notice. Mineral Beach is a perfect choice for those who want to experience the Dead Sea without checking into a hotel. With its high concentration of salts and minerals, the Dead Sea has long been a destination for travelers seeking […]

Ahava Dead Sea Cosmetics Factory

On the shores of the Dead Sea, the world-renowned cosmetics company Ahava lets you in on the secrets of the mud and minerals found at the lowest point on earth. The visitors’ center at Ahava Cosmetics includes a tour of the factory, a multimedia show and guidance from a cosmetologist. Ahava was founded in 1988, […]

En Prat (En Fara) Nature Reserve

Surround yourself with magnificent flora and fauna at the En Prat Nature Reserve! Open year round, visitors can enjoy a spring that flows throughout the year and a number of special animals. Walking along the well-marked trail will lead you to the spring. Along the trail, you will pass the entrance to the Firan Monastery. […]

New Museum at Masada

Opened in 2007, here you can visit the new museum at Masada which showcases new archaeological finds found at the site. Named after the late professor from Hebrew University that led the expedition, the Yigael Yadin Masada Museum Gift of the Shuki Levy Foundation provides visitors with an innovative display of the finds located through […]

Masada Sound and Light Show

For those at Masada on Tuesday and Thursday evenings around 9pm, check out the Masada Sound and Light Show. It is a magnificent experience, taking place along the backdrop of Masada’s western location. This spectacular show tells the amazing story of the Jewish rebels and their last few days at the apex of this large […]

Enot Tsukim Nature Reserve

Visit the Enot Tsukin Nature Reserve, or En Fashkha, known as the lowest elevation nature reserve on the planet, not to mention one of the most beautiful. This green oasis is located not far from the Dead Sea. There are three parts of this reserve. The northern reserve is closed to all visitors, except for […]

Qumran National Park

The ancient settlement of Qumran is known as the spot where the Dead Sea Scrolls, the oldest biblical books to be unearthed, were found in 1947. Qumran was built in 150 BCE; it was destroyed by the Romans in 70 CE, yet to this day, much of the stonework has remained intact, thus revealing a […]