Kfar HaNokdim Village

January 28th 2014

AradKfar HaNokdim Village offers Bedouin-style hospitality, culture and tradition mixed with gorgeous desert scenery. Your first impression of this Judean Desert oasis is likely to be one of astonishment. Palm trees, biblically themed gardens and desert buildings decorate the village.

Guests can enjoy an entire Bedouin meal in a traditional, open-sided Bedouin tent. The meal begins with the opening, musical coffee-making ceremony and continues by offering guests the opportunity to sample freshly-kneaded pita baked over an open fire. Next come grilled meats and salads followed by fruit, coffee and tea for dessert. Accompanying the repast is a Bedouin host who introduces visitors to aspects of the Bedouin culture and lifestyle.

Kfar HaNokdim is located in the Kana’im Valley, on the road between the city of Arad and the fortress of Masada. The location makes Kfar haNokdim an exceptionally memorable place to host your family’s Bar and Bat Mitzvah celebration, in cooperation with the ancient synagogue in Masada. But Kfar HaNokdim is also an excellent place to come just to escape the pressures of everyday life, to relax and bask in the desert calmness. In addition to the expansive Bedoiun meals, you can mount a camel or donkey and go for a ride on the circular path.

Overnight guests stay in one of three kinds of accommodations. Groups stay in group tents with colorful Bedouin goat-hair rugs and mattresses on the floor. Large, modern bathrooms with sinks, showers and toilets and running hot and cold water are available to be shared. These tents are also suitable as function rooms for family events or group educational seminars.

Families and couples can stay in more private accommodations that include futon style beds and a furnished patio. Climb the wooden steps onto the veranda above each private tent and enjoy the scenic desert views. The third, slightly more luxurious option, traditional private guest rooms are furnished with locally made wooden and stone furniture and en suite bathrooms. The private guest rooms share communal, shaded seating areas. Full Israeli breakfasts are served to all guests in the village and include some special Bedouin-style treats.

Kfar HaNokdim is open all year around, offering a comfortable desert climate. Summer days are dry, and evenings are cool. All guest rooms are rainproof and heated for comfort even in winter months.