Tiberias Tour Sites

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Gan HaShlosha National Park

Literally, Gan Hashlosha means “park of the three,” but it’s usually referred to as Sachne, which is its original Arabic name. The most striking features of Gan Hashlosha are the waterfalls and three pools of fresh water that are naturally heated to 83 degrees (28° C) all year round. People come to the park, at the […]

Jordan River National Park

Spanning approximately 250 acres, the Jordan River National Park (Park HaYarden in Hebrew) can be found a bit more than a mile northeast of the Kinneret (Sea of Galilee) in the foothills of the Golan Heights region. The park’s sprawling green spaces and trails offer a nice counterbalance to more hectic days spent touring Israel’s […]

Bet Alfa Synagogue

Travel back in time and the reign of the Emperor Justinian, when the Jews in Palestine were in a minority amongst other cultures. Even their synagogues looked a bit like churches, with mosaic floors decorated with foreign images. Nothing is known about the identity of the community that built the Beit Alfa Synagogue. In fact, […]

Gan Guru Australian Park

Gan Guru Australian Park offers a small taste of Australia in Israel’s Jezreel Valley. Created especially as an attraction for families and children, the complex is primarily a zoo for imported Australian animals. It’s the place to go to see kangaroos, koalas, cassowary birds that don’t fly and foxes that do, along with kakadus, emus […]

Tiberias & Graves of the Sages

Situated on the western shore of the Sea of Galilee, Tiberias is one of the four Israeli cities holy to Judaism. As a result, number of important Jewish rabbinical figures are buried in this scenic and historic coastal town. Visiting the graves of righteous people who, during their lifetimes, spiritually uplifted the Jewish people is […]

Tiberias Hot Springs

Tiberias Hot Springs is a great destination in the middle of your trip, for a little rest and relaxation before you continue with vigorous touring. Located on the south end of Tiberias, this mineral hot spring erupts from the earth at a terrifying 140 degrees Fahrenheit but “cools down” to a mere 98 degrees Fahrenheit. […]

Beit Shean Ruins

Located in Northern Israel where the Jordan River Valley and the Jezreel Valley meet, Beit She’an is one of Israel’s most ancient cities – no small feat in a nation known for its antiquities. Scholars believe that the history of Beit She’an goes back 5,000 years. After many centuries of conquest, earthquakes and rebuilding, today, […]

Belvoir (Kokhav HaYarden) National Park

Go back to the time of the crusaders with a visit to Belvoir National Park located just above the Jordan Valley. The central attraction is a a recreation of the excavated Crusader fortress discovered at the site. The fortress dates back to the twelfth century and boasts a 20-meter-wide, 12-meter-deep moat used by the crusaders […]

Korazim National Park

If you’re heading north, you won’t want to miss Korazim National Park, a 25-acre attraction known for its archaeological ruins. The site boasts a beautiful synagogue that dates back to the fourth or fifth century. Check out all the stunning, elaborate carvings and the unique sculpture of a pair of lions. The structures are built […]

Ma’ayan National Park

The Ma’ayan National Park is located near Afula in the Bet She’an Valley. Its main claim to fame is a spring of water that desends from a rocky cave down the slope of Mount Gilboa. The water then flows into the stream that surrounding the park’s lawn. This historical national park commemorates the time when […]

She’an Nights

The She’an Nights is a unique night tour performance at the Bet She’an National Park. The three-dimensional audiovisual presentation is a one-of-a-kind show that allows you to experience history as it comes alive through your senses. Through dazzling visual images you’ll get a glimpse of thousands of years worth of historical events in Bet She’an. […]

Tomb of Rachel in Tiberias

At the Tomb of Rachel you’ll learn all about Rabbi Akiva’s wife, Rachel. This century-old domed tomb is located in Tiberias, and has since been a place of pilgrimage where many light candles and pray. The great love story of Rachel and Rabbi Akiva started when Rabbi Akiva was working as a shepherd for Rachel’s […]

Tiberias Cemetary

The ancient cemetery of Tiberias is situated next to the lakeside promenade of the Sea of Galilee. This burial site is considered sacred because of the Babylonian Talmudic tradition that describes Tiberias to be the first city that will resurrect the dead during the time of the coming of the Messiah. Historically, the cemetery dates […]

Kibbutz Experience

It is always inspiring to hear stories of the courageous pioneers of Israeli history, who withstood devastating difficult seasons and intense hard labor, to build up the State of Israel to where it is today. Hearing the stories is one thing, meeting the kibbutzniks themselves while touring in Israel, in the flesh, is a whole […]

Cruise on the sea of Galilee

Take a day cruise on the Sea of Galilee. Visitors will enjoy the gentle rocking of the waves while sprays of water come over the boat and feel refreshing. Visitors can look overhead and see the seagulls or below into the water and see the vast amounts of St. Peter’s Fish, which is local to […]