Tiberias Hot Springs

November 14th 2014

Tiberias Hot Springs is a great destination in the middle of your trip, for a little rest and relaxation before you continue with vigorous touring. Located on the south end of Tiberias, this mineral hot spring erupts from the earth at a terrifying 140 degrees Fahrenheit but “cools down” to a mere 98 degrees Fahrenheit.

250px-Hamat-Tiberias-119The mineral-enriched water is both soothing and healing. It is particularly helpful in easing the symptoms of arthritis, rashes and infections. Springs were used for physical and spiritual healing during biblical times, especially by the nobility. Legend has it that this spring was created by Noah’s flood, and to this day, some 13 sources of hot water bubble from the adjacent mountainside. The Talmud and the Maimonides (A Jewish Egyptian physician from the Middle Ages) specifically mention the Tiberias springs as a place with healing powers.

Scientific research in modern times agrees with the ancient wisdom, finding that soaks in the hot springs make for lower blood pressure and higher concentrations of oxygen in the bloodstream. An on-site infirmary is available for guests’ pre-soak health evaluations as necessary.

TiberiasIn addition to two spring pools, the leisure facility includes a snack bar/lounge, an Olympic-sized pool (heated in the winter), a hot tub and dry and wet saunas. A private beach on the Kinneret is open during the months with warm weather. Men and women who wish to swim separately can use a special sectioned-off area. A dedicated staff of entertainers keeps children active and engaged.

For extra fees, visitors can make use of a fully equipped gym with trained instructors. Spa treatments such as massages, water treatments and reflexology are available for a fee, as are beauty treatments such as peeling and mud wraps.

Rimonim SpaMineral Hot Springs is open weekdays 8 AM – 8 PM. Tuesdays and Thursdays evening hours are expanded until 10 PM. On Fridays, Saturdays, Jewish holidays and holiday eves, the springs close at 4 PM.

Adjacent to the spa is Rimonim Mineral Hotel. Guests of the hotel receive free access to the springs. The hotel is located on the shore of the Kinneret and surrounded by ornamental gardens. It boasts a children’s club, recreation and sports court, pools and private beach access.