Negev Desert Tour Sites

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Eilat Dolphin Beach

Dolphin Reef Beach At Dolphin Reef Eilat, there are no scheduled dolphin performances with tricks and costumes, but plenty of opportunity to interact with dolphins in their natural habitat. Dive, swim or snorkel with them, or just spend the day on the facility’s private beach and enjoy watching the dolphins from the floating docks! The […]

Timna Nature Reserve

If you enjoy being awed by Mother Nature, a visit to Timna Valley Park should certainly do the job. The nature reserve here is dotted with natural sandstone formations that have been carved out over time by the wind and desert sun. The two most famous formations are known as The Arches and King Solomon’s […]

IDF Air Force Museum

If you find airplanes and military history captivating, or if you’re touring Israel with children, you won’t want to miss a visit to the Israeli Air Force Museum, devoted to the history of Israeli aviation. Located on the Hatzerim Air Force Base, just west of the Negev city of Beersheva, the museum houses a vast […]

Petra Nabatean City

The iconic rosy pillars of Petra were built during the 1st century BCE by members of ancient Nabatean society to be their stately capital city. When the Nabateans disappeared, having become assimilated into the Roman Empire, they left Petra behind. Located in what is today part of Jordan, close to the western border with Israel, […]

Eilat Underwater Observatory

The Underwater Observation Marine Park is one of the not-to-be-missed highlights of a touring experience in Eilat. Here, visitors can descend a staircase into a glassed-in room deep below the surface of the Red Sea. Located just a few miles to the south of Israel’s southernmost city, the Underwater Observatory hosts hundreds of species of […]

Ramon Crater Lookout

Ramon Crater, called Makhtesh Ramon in Hebrew, is Israel’s answer the Grand Canyon, although strictly speaking, it isn’t a proper canyon or even a crater! It’s a makhtesh, a geological landform exclusive to the Negev that scientists believe was created through erosion. The Ramon Crater is the largest makhtesh in Israel. Located 53 miles south of […]

Coral Beach Nature Reserve in Eilat

Whether you’re an underwater enthusiast or an absolute beginner, if you’re looking for a place to admire Israel’s impressive little corner of the Red Sea coral reefs, then the Coral Beach Nature Reserve is the ideal destination. Coral Beach is located just south of the city of Eilat, offering snorkeling and scuba diving experiences and […]

Ben Gurion Hut

There’s something very special about walking into the modest southern kibbutz hut where the first Prime Minister of Israel, David Ben Gurion, lived his later years. The furnishings, books and clothes have been preserved exactly as they were when David and Paula Ben Gurion lived here while the State of Israel was still in its […]

Tel Be’er Sheva National Park

Tel Be’er Sheva National Park, located in the Negev is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The national park houses an archaeological site where remnants were found of a settlement village dating back to the time of the biblical patriarch, Abraham. The national park has become an important location in regards to the study of biblical […]

Eilat Bay

Eilat Bay, the southernmost tip of Israel, includes a beautiful coral reef that straddles the equator. The warm water in the Red Sea enables coral to grow and thrive in the area. Visitors are welcome to come to Eilat Bay and snorkel or scuba dive around the coral and see the diverse fish life that […]

Snuba Diving Trips

Snuba is a guided underwater adventure geared mainly toward beginners who have no scuba experience. Visitors to the Snuba Diving Club can either go snuba diving or snorkeling; you can rent or buy snorkel equipment. Snuba is similar to scuba except that the air tank remains at the surface of the water in a boat, […]

Kings City Eilat

Kings City Eilat is a biblical amusement park that covers 40,000 square feet on three levels, and is a recreation of a royal king’s palace. There are four distinct areas in the park. There is the Journey to the Past where visitors can go back to the time of the Pharaohs in ancient Egypt; the […]