Eilat Dolphin Beach

March 20th 2015

Dolphin Reef Beach

At Dolphin Reef Eilat, there are no scheduled dolphin performances with tricks and costumes, but plenty of opportunity to interact with dolphins in their natural habitat. Dive, swim or snorkel with them, or just spend the day on the facility’s private beach and enjoy watching the dolphins from the floating docks!

The flagship offering at Dolphin Reef Eilat, an especially beautiful beach on Israel’s southwestern shoreline at the Red Sea, is their introductory diving lesson. Even if you’ve never had any kind of scuba experience before, as long as you’re a confident swimmer, the staff will guide you through the entire process, including providing all necessary equipment and training. After receiving your introduction and suiting up in full scuba gear, and you’ll spend 30 minutes underwater with a personal instructor. Dive to a depth of 20 feet and enjoy watching the dolphins, as well as all the other extraordinarily colorful fish and coral life. Diving with the dolphins is an activity for anyone aged eight and above.

If you prefer to interact with the dolphins in a way that’s a bit less equipment-intensive, you can join small groups that go snorkeling with the dolphins on the surface of the sea. The site also offers floating piers and observation points, where you can get close to the dolphins without going into the water at all. Great care is taken at Dolphin Reef to make sure that all human-dolphin interactions are respectful of these amazing creatures. The reward lies in the dolphins’ willingness to come close to the people who frequent the beach.

The beach at Dolphin Reef is also a wonderful place to go to relax. The facility boasts three relaxation pools set amongst tropical vegetation, with gentle waterfalls and soothing underwater music. You can even be coached in underwater relaxation techniques and enjoy relaxation treatments by the dedicated staff.

Located on the water, near the diving activities, is the Beach Bar Restaurant, offering full meals, snacks, special children’s options as well as wine, beer and cocktails.

Whether you chose diving or snorkeling, observing the dolphins from a distance or opting for the relaxation pools to work their magic on you, a visit to the Dolphin Reef Beach in Eilat is sure to be exquisitely memorable for the whole family.