10 Day Jewish Heritage Israel Tour Experience

This 10 day adventure covers Israel's top tour sites. Begin in Tel Aviv, make your way along the Coast and into the Golan Heights, then head back to ancient Jerusalem and the Judean Desert.

12 Day Jewish Heritage Israel Tour Adventure

Take it up one notch with our 12 day exploration, spending three days in Tel Aviv, then onto Israel's Coast, the Golan Heights, Tiberias, the Jordan Valley, and Jerusalem's Old and New City.

13 Day Jewish Heritage Israel Tour & Petra

Join our 13 day experience and witness the beauty of Israel's coast, the heights of the Golan, and Jerusalem of gold. Complete your tour with a visit to Eilat, the Negev desert, and Petra, Jordan.

15 Day Jewish Heritage Israel Tour & Petra

Filled with Israel's best tour sites, start off in Tel Aviv, make your way along Israel's coast and into the Golan heights. Jerusalem, the Judean Desert, Eilat and Petra await you as well.

3 Day Jewish Heritage Jerusalem & Masada

Uncover your Jewish roots as you explore the Old and New cities of Jerusalem, followed by a ride up to the famous Masada Mountain Fortress!

3 Day Jewish Heritage The Northern Coast

The lush green hills of the North are full of historically rich sites; each having the ability to bring you closer and closer to the roots of your heritage.

3 Day Tour – Negev Desert, Eilat & Petra

Travel from Jerusalem through the Negev Desert to reach the southern beach town of Eilat. Venture into the lost Nabatean city of Petra in Jordan, Finally, ascend from Eilat through the desert to reach Tel Aviv. This 3 day tour covers the best of southern Israel and Petra!

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