Genesis Land Camel Rides

January 2nd 2015

Biblical reenactments are good fun, but Genesis Land takes the experience to a new level. Meet a caravan of camels led by Eliezer, the servant of Abraham, on the way to the patriarch’s tent. Make the acquaintance of Joseph and his brothers mere minutes before the sibling rivals throw Joseph into the pit. Witness the matchmaking of Isaac and Rebecca by Eliezer, along with other beautiful and familiar stories. Experience the distinguished hospitality of Abraham, and stay overnight in his tent. In the morning, travel as our Biblical ancestors did, and ride on a camel!

Genesis Land (Eretz Breishit in Hebrew) is located in the Judean Desert, not far from Jerusalem. Against the backdrop of the breathtaking desert landscape, Genesis Land recreates the patriarchs’ way of life. Make your own pita and bake it on the fire. Write a letter in ancient Hebrew on parchment scrolls. Create original pottery and mosaics. Ride camels along the ridge overlooking the spectacular riverbed of Wadi Qelt. Explore the Jericho Valley and Judean Desert on a jeep. Join a drumming circle at sunset, and watch the moon rise to the rhythm of the music.

Actors dressed as Biblical figures add unique flavor to this activity. “Abraham” welcomes you to his tent and offers you food and drink. The desert is the stage for Biblical stories which are enacted for you. Guests can don Bedouin-style robes to get into character themselves.

If you choose to stay over, two options are available. You can sleep in a luxurious guest house featuring a Jacuzzi and looking out on the beautiful view. Alternatively, you can lodge in a climate-controlled tent on mattresses in sleeping bags. Tent dwellers have access to showers and bathrooms.

Activities at Genesis Land are geared towards visitors of all ages. Groups are welcome, and parties can be arranged. Biblical kosher meals (dairy or meat) are available. This is an excellent location for a Bar or Bat Mitzvah celebration. Tours must be booked ahead of time. Public transportation doesn’t stop at Genesis Land, so arrange for a ride ahead of time. The Judean Desert is known to become extremely hot, so wear appropriate clothing, and bring lots of water and sunscreen.