En Prat (En Fara) Nature Reserve

March 22nd 2011

Surround yourself with magnificent flora and fauna at the En Prat Nature Reserve! Open year round, visitors can enjoy a spring that flows throughout the year and a number of special animals. Walking along the well-marked trail will lead you to the spring. Along the trail, you will pass the entrance to the Firan Monastery. The Firan Monastery was built in the fourth century by Haritoun, a hermit-monk who was known for the dissemination of Christian information in the desert throughout the Byzantine era. In the nineteenth century, the monastery was restored by the White Russian Church. All around the monastery are beautiful orchards, cisterns, agricultural terraces, and the remnants of buildings that were said to have provided shelter to pilgrims. Also along the trail is an archaeological site housing remnants from the Bronze and Iron ages.