10 Reasons Why Caesarea is Worth Visiting

March 12th 2012

In Caesarea, ancient Roman ruins mingle with a spectacular Mediterranean beach town. From fascinating archeological wonders to incredible snorkeling and diving, this Northern Israeli city located between Tel Aviv and Haifa is well worth a visit. Here are the top 10 reasons why you should include a trip to Caesarea on your tour to Israel: 

  1. Impressive Archaeology – As an ancient Roman port city equal to the likes of Alexandria and Antioch, the national park at Caesarea is an archeology lover’s dream. Impressive Roman aqueducts, a beautifully preserved complex of Crusader fortifications, Greek temples, Byzantine bath houses, and ancient palaces are just some of the sites that demonstrate the city’s rich history.
  2. Spectacular Beaches – Caesarea’s aqueduct beach is considered one of the best – and best-kept secrets – in Israel. Located just north of the national park in residential Caesarea, the beach has a stunning ancient aqueduct running parallel to the clear blue Mediterranean Sea. There is also a phenomenal beach at the port, as well as the private Caesarea Beach Club, which you can pay to enter.
  3. Water Activities – For those who want to do more than sunbathe, Caesarea’s Underwater Archeological Park provides an incredible experience for snorkelers and divers of all skill levels. Catch a glimpse of ancient remains and ships, all while enjoying the calm, mild Mediterranean waters.
  4. The Revitalized Port – The ancient port at Caesarea retains its historical grandeur while simultaneously being home to swanky, contemporary galleries, boutiques, cafes, and restaurants. It’s the perfect spot to rest your feet, catch some rays, and do a little shopping.
  5. Museums – Caesarea has no shortage of museums, which offer something for everyone in the family. The Museum of Antiquities, just outside the city on Kibbutz Sdot Yam, is home to a remarkable collection of ancient Roman and Byzantine artifacts. The Ralli museum, meanwhile, hosts an impressive round-up of Sephardic Jewish art from the middle ages. And the Time Tower, perfect for kids, combines sweeping views with interactive computer simulations and animations on the various rulers and periods of the city.
  6. Jazz Festival – Held every summer, the three-day Caesarea Jazz Festival brings people from around Israel and the world to enjoy top tier jazz performers in a beautiful location right at the harbor.
  7. Modern music, ancient surroundings – See a live concert at the ancient Roman Caesarea amphitheater, which attracts world-class musical acts. Jeff Beck, Deep Purple and George Benson are just some of the musicians who have recently graced the stage here.
  8. Golf – If you want to hit the links during your tour to Israel then Caesarea, home to one of Israel’s only golf courses, is a must. Founded by descendants of the famous Baron de Rothschild family in 1961, the Caesarea Golf Club is home to an 18-hole professional course and offers a host of amenities, including a restaurant, country club and equipment rental.
  9. Hiking and Trails – Caesarea offers a number of well-marked hiking and touring trails that are suited for all fitness levels. Many also include historical sites along the way, so you can fit some time in the great outdoors alongside your tour of Israel.
  10. Great Restaurants – After a long day of touring, hiking and swimming, nothing beats a wonderful meal. And Caesarea boasts plenty of restaurants with superb food and incredible views. Grab an outdoor seat facing the sea if possible, and sample fine Mediterranean cuisine. Fresh fish is of course a specialty.