Diving in Caesarea: Not Like Any Dive You’ve Ever Taken Before

May 31st 2016

If you love exploring the depths of the deep blue sea, then Caesarea is the only place to be. Diving in Caesarea is a completely different experience than diving in other bodies of water. While Eilat can provide you with an unbelievable vacation, Caesarean diving is an aquatic escape that is unmatched by any other. Check out some of the most interesting details that make this experience so invigorating and refreshingly different.

Caesarea Diving 1

Ancient Herodian Ruins

If you visit the Old Caesarea Diving Center, you’ll be taken on some mind-blowing dives. The center is built upon Sebastos, an ancient port that was built by Herod during his rule. Beneath the surface of the water, you will find the Underwater Archeological Park. This building is totally unique in that it is the only underwater archeological facility in the entire world.

The submerged port itself has been kept intact, and divers can appreciate the ancient structure along with the stunning plant and marine life that exists harmoniously around it.

Caesarea Diving 2

Underwater Trails

As we mentioned, Caesarean diving delivers a totally unique experience. Unlike most dives, this location actually directs you on charted underwater trails that lead you to points of interest, historical artifacts, and fascinating insights into the ancient lives including the advanced engineering of the Roman minds, architects, and designers of this time period.

The dives are divided according to skill level, which means that both amateurs and more experienced divers can enjoy the beauty and awe of deep sea diving at their own pace. The waters are open all year round, so no matter when you book your ticket, you can indulge in this memorable adventure.

Caesarean Diving Discoveries

In fact, the Caesarean deep sea diving has been highlighted in the news recently. Two lucky divers stumbled upon an ancient fleet of merchant ships that were sunk over 1,500 years ago! The discovery revealed several Roman statues that were kept in pristine condition due to the water pressure and temperatures. Read more about this fascinating discovery here, and then take a dive into the beautiful and exciting Caesarean waters!

Caesarea Diving 3