Check Out What to do in Petah Tikva

December 22nd 2017

Petah Tikva isn’t exactly what you would call the epicenter of culture, tourism, or anything else really. In fact, when browsing a map of Israel, you might not even notice this little city, but that would be a mistake because Petah Tikva has got some great attractions for visitors to enjoy. So, check out what there is to do in Petah Tikva, and don’t keep the secret to yourself.

The Great Synagogue

This prayer house is significant in that it was the first one built outside of one of the major cities when Israel was being established. Erected in 1890, the synagogue is designed in traditional European fashion, and two massive sundials highlight the architecture beautifully. The interior is also beautifully decorated with art and architectural details unusually elaborate for a synagogue.

Mega Karting

Feel the need for speed? Then, check out the Mega Karting tracks in Petah Tikva. This place is colossal, and they have massive indoor and outdoor tracks. If you’re looking for some way to spend a few thrilling hours, this is a great option.


And, while you’re in the neighborhood, iJump is one of Israel’s greatest accomplishments (next to vaccines, computer technology, and drip irrigation of course!) It’s an indoor trampoline park that allows kids and adults of all ages to really feel like the sky’s the limits. Jump, dance, play sports, and fly through the air like never before on these massive trampolines for an unforgettable day trip.

Petah Tikva Museum of Art

If you need to take things slower for a bit, then visit the Petah Tikva Museum of Art. It’s a beautifully done museum that highlights both Israeli and international artists in various forms including sculptures, performance, architecture, and paintings. Current exhibits include Citizens, which takes a piercing look at democracies and its effects on society and the Naum Aronson Case, a tribute to a talented artist who was unjustly denied his right to display his art to the public.

There are also a number of exciting escape rooms, a growing trend all over Israel. So, if you fancy yourself a mystery solver, put yourself to the challenge with one of these “dangerous” rooms!