Is There Anything to Eat in Tel Aviv? Kosher Touring in Tel Aviv

November 30th 2017

Tel Aviv is a fabulous place to visit for culture, art, science, technology, and design. The streets are brimming over with museums, centers, concerts, and hubs of all things that can fascinate the mind. What you won’t find in abundance around these bustling avenues are kosher restaurants. If you are dying to visit this hub of art and culture but don’t want to pack a sandwich lunch, check out these first rate restaurants that come with strict kashrut standards for you to enjoy.

Lumina: Eliezer Peri Street 10

Lumina is as enchanting as it sounds. A chef Meir Adoni restaurant, one of Israel’s most prominent culinary experts, this place serves up some mouthwatering delicacies such as Malaysian fried chicken, spring lamb spareribs, Istanbul spread, and more.

The Chinese Wall: Mikveh Yisrael 26 Street

Longing for some Asian delights? Then check out the Chinese Wall. Reasonably priced and cooked just the way you like it, this is a great lunch or dinner that won’t let you down.

Kanki: Bograshov Street 23

We’ve eaten a lot of sushi around Israel, and we mean A LOT, so don’t take this next statement lightly. Kanki offers the best sushi we have ever tasted around these parts. From the delightful crunchy toppings to the gooey cheese wrapped rolls, there is not one roll, dish, or dip that will disappoint at Kanki’s sushi extravaganza. Wear loose clothing.

2C: Azrieli Center, Derech Menachem Begin

If it’s the view of Tel Aviv you’re looking for, then head to Azrielli Towers for this unforgettable dining experience. Enjoy fine wines that compliment your steak, chicken, or fish dishes; all prepared to perfection by some of the most skilled chefs in the country while you gaze out at the Tel Aviv sky.

Pankina: J. L. Gordon St 39

Let’s not forget some good old Italian cuisine. Pankina is ranked #1 on Secret Tel Aviv, which means it has to be amazing. Get your helping of focaccia, pasta, salads, and fish for a meal that is sure to please and will probably get you coming back for more on your next trip.

Mike’s Place: Ha-Arba’a 14

If you want an active atmosphere with good food, live performances, and a great atmosphere, head to Mike’s Place (check out our review of this fun bar grill in Jerusalem as well)

Here are some more great kosher restaurants all over Tel Aviv that promise to deliver delectable meals and amazing ambiances as well as a suitable kosher symbol.