Check Out What to do in Herzliya

January 2nd 2018

Herzliya isn’t like most cities in our series on lesser-visited Israeli hotspots. It’s not here because people don’t know about it, but rather because Herzliya is so vast, people often get lost in the glitter and just give up their pursuit of tourism and entertainment. Luckily, we’ve sorted it all out for you and selected some of the top sites to visit the next time you’re in this part of the country. Get ready for some great vacationing!

Museum of Contemporary Art

Enjoy some of the most modern artists of today as they display their handy work throughout the galleries of the Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art. Explore an array of exhibits that span the spectrum from sculptures to painting and even video format.

Apollonian National Park

Not only do you get to take a pleasant stroll along a breathtaking beachside, but when you visit the Apollonian national park, you can also behold the unreal remains of a crusader village discovered in the 1990s. In addition to miscellaneous items like pottery, significant findings include a medieval wall of the city, a moat, a castle from the times of the Crusaders, and a full port complete with its built-in jetties and anchorage.

Hermit House

Do you live for chasing sandcastles in the sky and shapes in the clouds? Well, now you can visit a real-life sandcastle of epic proportion when you come to the Hermit House in Herzliya. Nissim Cachlon began with a dream and what he ended up with has fascinated locals and tourists alike. Come see the intricate tunnels that have been dug out of the cliffside and ornamented with some bizarre and fantastical effects. One of those things you’ve just got to see to believe.

Sailing on the Herzliya Marina

Take a pleasure cruise along this beautiful waterway on a luxurious yacht, or rent a smaller vessel and take yourself out on the water. Either way, you’ll get some views that will take your breath away.

Of course, it would be negligent of us not to mention the exquisite beaches Herzliya has to offer. You’ll also get first rate surfing, kayaking, catamarans, and other water activities that you can enjoy against this magical seaside backdrop like only Herzliya can provide.