Sea-Gal Yacht Cruises

March 28th 2016

It’s often all too easy to focus so much on Israel’s history and holiness to the exclusion of other worthy vacation activities, but the Sea-Gal Yachting Club reminds us about the importance of kicking back for some breathtaking recreation. Founded in 1992, the Sea-Gal Yacht Club offers the best of the Mediterranean, with a wide range of nautical fun.

sea gal yacht clubA Few Hours of Sailing

For the most luxurious of sailing experiences, take a cruise on the Mediterranean in one of Sea-Gal’s yachts. Open from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM every day of the week at the Herzliya marina, Sea-Gal yachts are available for you to choose a romantic getaway or a sea party for up to 20 of your nearest and dearest friends and family.

The vessels are equipped with full kitchens and stereo equipment, and a few hours off the coast of Israel may be just the kind of R&R you need before you return to your daily grind on land.

sea gal yacht club 2Yachting

Of course, the hallmark of a yachting club is its yachts, and Sea-Gal showcases its crafts by renting them for special occasions or regular outings.

The Sea-Gal staff helps customers design the trip that is best for them, whether fishing or sailing up the Mediterranean coast or throwing an elegant, luxurious party for friends or clients. The fleet includes 20 yachts and 30 skippers, so there is little doubt that the right combination of amenities and adventure can be tailored to suit your needs.

sea gal yacht club 3A Whole Lot More

Sea-Gal also runs a sailing school and a sailing course, both of which turn landlubbers into skippers, and give those who are serious about the sea an opportunity to gain proficiency in water sports.

Approximately 500 new Sea-Gal-trained skippers are certified each year, for a total of more than 6,000 skippers trained here. Those who pass the course are qualified for an international skipper license on vessels of up to 72 feet (24 meters).


Taking nothing for granted, Sea-Gal has equipped each yacht with full safety gear, as per the regulations of Safety of Live at Sea (SOLAS).