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Israel’s Hot Springs: Hot Ideas for Warming up This Winter

January 7th 2016

In the dead of the winter, when temperatures and spirits are both at their lowest, and germs, illness, and yearning for warmth are at their highest, anyone could use a day to recharge. If you’re traveling Israel this winter, the best way to press that reboot button on your internal hard drive is to visit […]

Must-See Spots for First-Time Visitors in Israel

January 5th 2016

Must-See Spots for First-Time Visitors in Israel If this is your first time in Israel, Shalom and congratulations because you are about to have an experience that you’ll cherish for a lifetime. With a country and a people that have been around for thousands of years, it might be a little overwhelming planning the best […]

Eilat: The Best Time to Visit is NOW!

January 3rd 2016

It doesn’t take a genius to realize that the warm sun, soft white sands, and gentle waves lapping at your toes would be a welcome change to the cloudy skies, bone-chilling rain, and frigid air nipping at your nose. What you do need to have some knowledge of, though, is where to go when you’re […]

Tea Time: Israel’s Newest Iconic Trend

December 21st 2015

Every culture has their signature elements, things that speak volumes about that culture and are spoken about automatically when discussing the country. Traditionally, hummus, falafel and the kibbutz movement are the Israeli icons, but lately, a new symbol is rising to the surface. Tea has become as much a part of the culture as any […]

3 Places to See Snow This Year

December 18th 2015

To natives, snow means hassle, headache and probably a blackout or two. Traffic screeches to a halt, electric lines get fried and half the country shuts down. It also means that it’s freezing out, and Israelis totally can’t handle the cold. If you’re a tourist, though, the idea of a white-capped Israel is a breathtaking […]

The Hottest Winter Beaches in Israel

December 17th 2015

Despite being a desert location, Israel can get pretty cold in the winters. When you need to get away from all the freeze and frostbite, head straight for one of these beaches. The warm sun, soft sand and relaxing waves are sure to warm you right up! Eilat Eilat is one of Israel’s most popular […]

Kfar Kedem

December 16th 2015

Kfar Kedem Talmudic VillageKfar Kedem is a recreated ancient village in the Galilee that enables visitors to actually relive the past through this amazing experience. Visitors enter Kfar Kedem and can dress up as a shepherd from the ancient times, plow recreated fields, and then bring in the harvest to the threshing floor in the […]

An Israeli Christmas: Deck the Halls in The Holy Land

December 15th 2015

Israel is known as the land of the Jewish people, but this holy site holds religious significance for Christians as well. Birthplace and home to Jesus Christ, Israel is a major destination for thousands of Christians each year coming to show their solidarity and to celebrate, revisit and rejoice in the footsteps of Jesus that […]

A Winter Wonderland in the Desert

December 14th 2015

From the massive music festivals to the eclectic Shaon Horef events, Israel has its fair share of amazing, inspiring and downright awesome winter festivals. Most would be hard-pressed to believe that we’ve found one that tops them all. Take a seat, skeptics, because the annual Jerusalem Ice Festival blows everything else out of the water. […]

Get Out of the Rain! Fun Things to do in Israel This December

December 13th 2015

While rain is seen as a blessing for Israelis, the wet season can wear down the average travel. There are plenty of winter days with clear skies and ample opportunity for outdoor exploration. When the rain clouds start hovering, though, do like the Israelis and head for cover, enjoying some of these indoor activities when […]

3 Winter Must-Experiences You Never Knew Existed in Israel

December 10th 2015

While the sun and sand of pristine beaches are always a pleasure, traveling in the winter exposes you to some of the best kept secrets Israel has to offer. Here are 3 sensational winter experiences that you’d be missing out on if you didn’t know where to look (you’re welcome)! #1 Feelin’ Blues Festival January […]

Travel Tips for the Rainy Season Globetrotter

December 8th 2015

Israel’s rainy season is the much overlooked diamond in the rough. The brisk winds, infrequent downpours and surreal peace that cloaks the country during these months is something world travelers won’t want to miss. Here are a few tips to help you make the most of winter showers. Tip #1: Gear Up With the right […]

Winter Hotspots Around Jerusalem for a Romantic Night Out

December 6th 2015

With lush greenery sprouting everywhere, dramatic sunsets that paint the skyline in vivacious shades of pink and orange and a 5000-year history replete with love stories constantly unfolding, finding romance in Israel is as easy as…falling in love. If you’re planning a special night out with a special someone this trip, here are some top […]

Untraditional Chanukah Celebrations You’ll Love

November 28th 2015

Looking for some holiday fun that’s not quite run of the mill? Check out these untraditional Chanukah celebrations, and light up the night in a whole new way! Chanukah is a magical time when presents abound, the world is illuminated and the air sings with the harmony of the Jewish people. If you want something […]

5 Winter Festivals You Don’t Want to Miss

November 26th 2015

Traveling Israel this winter? Don’t miss these top five winter festivals that will warm you up and get you knee-deep in Israeli culture and entertainment. Think your vacation will be a bust because of the cold and rain of Israeli winters? Think again! This culture-rich society is bursting with entertainment, partying hard and long into […]

Five Great Places to Bring Your Kids This Winter

November 25th 2015

Give your kids a vacation in Israel they’ll never forget with some of these kid-friendly winter activities! #1: Donut Dash Not the most diet-friendly activity, but a donut-tasting contest will delight the little ones, making unforgettable memories. In Israel, you can’t go 100 meters without bumping into a bakery, and in November and December, those […]

Grayman Family

November 22nd 2015

We took the 15 day Jewish Heritage Tour starting in late October with Shalom Tours. It was our first trip to Israel and this tour was perfect in length and scope. We added the day trip to Petra which was amazing. Our guide Eli was wonderful. Can’t say enough about how great he was well informed, intelligent, […]

Enjoy Tel Aviv without Blowing Your Budget

November 16th 2015

No matter what you’re looking for in your next vacation spot, Tel Aviv, a city often ranked amongst the top cities in the world to visit, is sure to have it for you. This stunning, historical city lies on the Mediterranean and offers you easy access to beaches, while also allowing you to learn about […]

3 Unforgettable Places for Enjoying Chanukah Candles in Israel

November 10th 2015

Chanukah is a special time in the Land of Israel. Darkness descends early this time year, but for eight nights in a row, Jewish homes all over Israel light Chanukah candles and, for a brief time, spread the light of rededication and divine inspiration. Even if you’ve been lighting Chanukah candles your whole life, Chanukah […]

Ultimate Guide: 40+ Things to Know Before You Travel

September 30th 2015

  A trip to Israel can be the fulfillment of a lifetime dream for many people. Regardless if the travelers are going for the religious significance of the nation or just for the historical aspects of the region, traveling to Israel can be a memorable, exciting vacation. The following information is a list of articles […]