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Neal Fialkow, Esq.

August 11th 2011

It is not often that I am able to say that my expectations were exceeded, in fact, greatly exceeded.  Yet, Shalom Stark did exactly that by delivering the perfect Israel tour.  No easy feat because my wife’s interests and my interests are quite diverse- she also wanted to see all the Christian sites and I […]

Jerusalem Hills Winery Tour

August 3rd 2011

Head off into the hills of Jerusalem for an incredible wine tasting adventure as you learn the history of Israel’s wine-making culture.

Chanukah Tour Israel!

July 27th 2011

December 16 – 25, 2011

Experience Chanukah in Israel!

July 27th 2011

Create the Ultimate Custom Tour Experience!

July 27th 2011

Affordable Israel Tours – VIP Service, an Amazing Price!

July 27th 2011

Affordable VIP Israel Tour Experiences

July 26th 2011

Day 1 Tuesday WELCOME TO HOLY ISRAEL! VIP Welcome at Ben Gurion Airport After landing, a SHALOM ISRAEL TOURS representative will be waiting to welcome you as you exit the plane.  Your party will be transported in a private vehicle to the flight staff passport control, continue to luggage identification, and transfer to your chauffeur. […]

10 Day Israel Adventure

July 20th 2011

Set foot in the land of your ancestors and piece together the history of Israel site by site.

12 Day Journey in Israel

July 20th 2011

Delve into the past and discover the history of the Jewish people in 12 fascinating days.

13 Days Exploring Israel

July 20th 2011

Get ready for an exhilarating experience as you uncover the layers of Israel in 13 days!

15 Days Israel & Petra

July 20th 2011

In 15 days you will encounter the best of Israel as you watch the past come to life.

R. Mendy Dubrowski

July 7th 2011

This summer I took a group to Israel for the first time.  As a young Rabbi with limited recourses I was concerned that the demands of planning and coordinating a trip would be too much for me, and to expensive for my community during a recession. Shalom Stark at Shalom Israel Tours laid my fears […]

Landa Family

July 7th 2011

Shalom Stark made our visit to Israel the most memorable trip we have taken. The tour guides he works with are extremely knowledgeable, very personable and passionate people. Shalom was efficient and responsive to our individual needs (because we were traveling with a 10 month old baby). Shalom was always accessible to us during our entire trip.  He is very […]

Hal Zoock

July 6th 2011

From the moment we arrived everything was taken care of.  We had a private taxi from the Airport to Jerusalem.  We met Shalom there the first night. I am not sure if you have talked to him yet, but he was exceptionally pleasant and helpful even before I left, answering all questions that this first timer had!   We saw […]

Dr. Sam Klein

July 5th 2011

Last summer I had a fantastic trip to Israel with Shalom Israel Tours.  Shalom himself personally was always available to me by phone prior to the trip to answer my questions.  In addition, he personally came to our hotel on the first day to meet our group.  The tour guide he provided was phenomenal!  Everything […]

Israel Bar & Bat Mitzvah – Give Some Love

July 4th 2011

How to Affect Children in Israel from Your Living Room; Israel Bar and Bat Mitzvah Tour ideas with Ahava When you come to Israel with your family and your little one (and your growing, bigger ones) on your Israel Bar Mitzvah or Israel Bat Mitzvah tour, you will, understandably, expect to gain a lot from […]

Western Wall Bar Mitzvah

July 4th 2011

Going Back to the Source; a Western Wall Bar Mitzvah The question is why? Why would you go back to the destruction of the First and Second Temple in order to celebrate your son’s  bar mitzvah, to celebrate that interesting duality of both freedom and responsibility that he acquires at such a young age? The […]

Israel Bar & Bat Mitzvah in Neot Kedumim

July 4th 2011

A Natural Biblical Landscape Bar Mitzvah Some people like to celebrate their Bar/Bat Mitzvah in the center of town, at some nearby hotel, at the Western wall, or in their family’s synagogue. And still others, those nature-loving amongst us particularly, yearn to return to their roots, in the midst of nature that is. Luckily for […]

Bar Mitzvah Project – Victims of Terror

July 4th 2011

Be a Part of the Simcha; Volunteer to Help Victims of Terror When you visit Israel on your Bar or Bat Mitzvah family tour, you can expect to enter a serene and peaceful country. You might wonder :This is the place where violence and terror is discussed on television networks from your country of origin? […]

Daniel Rubin

June 30th 2011

As we were deciding on a tour, we began contacting various operators.  When we contacted Shalom Stark, we learned not only that he is really in Israel, but that he is originally from Ohio.  Since we were from Ohio, we asked about his Ohio ties.  We were thrilled (Jewish Geography now) that he worked with several […]