Israel Football League

November 8th 2010

For an exciting evening with your family or group, attend an American full-contact football game in Israel! To tourists coming from the US this might sound a little hokey, but I assume you it is high quality athletics and highly entertaining!

It has now been four years since the dream of tackle football in Israel really took hold. What began as a group of 25 enthusiastic and energetic Sabra athletes playing without pads in the Tel Aviv Sportek has grown exponentially into a thriving community of more than 600 players country-wide.

The unique partnership with the Kraft family, owners of the NFL’s New England Patriots, has allowed the Israel Football League to cultivate a strong relationship with one of the greatest football organizations in the world and grow to seven teams nationwide. The Kraft Stadium in Jerusalem is overflowing with excited spectators, vendors serve hot dogs and tap beer, and the announcer gives play by play commentary.

After dinner on a Thursday night, head down to the Kraft Stadium in Jerusalem, right next to Gan Sacher and in walking distance of almost any hotel, you won’t be disappointed!