Pomegranate Wine – a wonderful stop in the Galilee

November 10th 2010

Rimon Winery is owned and operated by the Nachmias family, a third generation farming family who were among the founding fathers of Moshav Kerem Ben Zimra in Israel’s Upper Galilee. Experienced farmers, the family dedicated themselves to growing the highest quality pomegranate fruit in the world. These special pomegranates, famous for their very high juice content, soft tannins, and rich flavors, are critical to the success of the Rimon Wines.

Rimon Winery is a wonderful place to include in your tour in Israel.  Opposite Dalton Winery and not far from Meron and Tzfat, the Rimon Winerr has a quaint dirt road leading through the fruit fields and a small yet beautiful visitor center.

Rimon wines are more than the produce of orchards and wine barrels; they speak of the traditions of the Holy Land and the heart and soul of the Nachmias family.