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Enjoy Tel Aviv without Blowing Your Budget

November 16th 2015

No matter what you’re looking for in your next vacation spot, Tel Aviv, a city often ranked amongst the top cities in the world to visit, is sure to have it for you. This stunning, historical city lies on the Mediterranean and offers you easy access to beaches, while also allowing you to learn about […]

3 Unforgettable Places for Enjoying Chanukah Candles in Israel

November 10th 2015

Chanukah is a special time in the Land of Israel. Darkness descends early this time year, but for eight nights in a row, Jewish homes all over Israel light Chanukah candles and, for a brief time, spread the light of rededication and divine inspiration. Even if you’ve been lighting Chanukah candles your whole life, Chanukah […]

Ultimate Guide: 40+ Things to Know Before You Travel

September 30th 2015

  A trip to Israel can be the fulfillment of a lifetime dream for many people. Regardless if the travelers are going for the religious significance of the nation or just for the historical aspects of the region, traveling to Israel can be a memorable, exciting vacation. The following information is a list of articles […]

Roseman Family Adventure

August 27th 2015

After much indecision, thank goodness I went on this amazing tour of Israel! (I was worried about the physical challenges, and it was difficult due to the walking on uneven ground and so many steps!) We were so lucky to have Daniel Gutman as our guide, and never have a met a more, passionate, knowledgeable […]

Boruchowitz Family Experience!

August 27th 2015

Though I’m sure Israel would have been amazing regardless, I do know that having Eli as a tour guide was by far the greatest gift to have while there. He was one of the family and we all cried when it was time to part with him. To have had someone that was able to […]

Freind Family Return Visit!

August 27th 2015

This was our second time using Shalom Israel Tours. They did a fantastic job. Was traveling with my two children and Shalom planned things that were interesting for my children. All the details of our trip were perfect. Guides were fantastic, hotel was great, transfers were easy. When we had to make some changes, Shalom […]

Brown Family Group Tour

August 27th 2015

We just came home after a 13 day tour of Israel. We were with our two kids, ages 19 and 15. We booked through Shalom Tours and our guide was Aharon (pronounced Aaron). The tour was called The Jewish Heratage Tour. I can’t say enough good things about the tour, about Shalom Tours or Aharon […]

Silverstein Family Adventure

August 27th 2015

All I can say from start to finish the best tour company in Israel. From the first call to get a quote for our private family tour to making several changes as the day got closer to the awesome Rabbi Rodman Peretz for our Daughters Bat-Mitzvah at the Robinson Arch(Thanks for talking us out of […]

Sheppard Family Experience

August 27th 2015

This was definitely a once in a life time trip. Everything was perfect from start to finish. Our guide, Eli, was amazing. He knew every detail of every place we visited. He offered us unexpected, but much appreciated, detours and extras on our visit. We went at our own pace which was great. We stopped […]

Hannah from Spain

August 27th 2015

I always use Shalom Israel Tours when I come to Israel and they keep impressing me! Now that I’ve been to a lot of the more standard places they keep coming up with creative and incredible new places in Israel to visit! This time I went to more beautiful beaches with natural grottos and an […]

3 Great Jerusalem Museums You Haven’t Heard Of

July 30th 2015

Jerusalem is home to dozens of compelling museums that cover topics ranging from the pre-historical artifacts to contemporary experimental digital multimedia. Iconic institutions like the Israel Museum and the Bloomfield Science Museum may get the lion’s share of the press and attention, but visitors exploring the depth of the cultural riches that Israel’s vibrant capital […]

Tel Gezer: Crossroads of the Via Maris

July 30th 2015

The Via Maris, literally “Way of the Sea” in Latin, was a trade route in the ancient world that connected Egypt with greater Syria and Mesopotamia. The “crossroads,” or hub of that trade route is a great place to visit and tour for the day – Tel Gezer National Park, located at the foothills of […]

3 Reasons to Visit Petra from Eilat

July 30th 2015

If you’re headed towards Israel for a tour that spans the entire country, you’ll surely visit Eilat, a place where the sun almost always shines and the Dead Sea water sport opportunities are unparalleled. You may not realize, however, that just a hop, skip and a jump (or a bus ride) away are the breathtaking […]

Hands-On Activities in Israel that Your Kids Will Love

July 28th 2015

Many museums showcase “look, but don’t touch” exhibits, but the sites included here all have the power to get you and your kids actively involved. Thankfully, Israel is full of compelling experiences like these that can truly bring a tour to life. Beit Guvrin – Dig for a Day Get your hands dirty with Dig […]

Why the Palmach Museum Is Different from Other Museums

July 28th 2015

A yuppie haven located on the edge of northern Tel Aviv, Ramat Aviv is home to several museums, so it’s worth asking what makes the Palmach Museum such a worthy attraction, as compared to all of the other popular destinations in the area. The answer is a combination of the dramatic historical events covered here […]

Tichauer Family

July 19th 2015

I want to thank you for ensuring our time in Israel was truly unforgettable. From the moment we arrived and were greeted at the exit of the airplane until we were delivered to the airport Monday morning, every detail was extremely well thought out. We could not have asked for a better experience. We will […]

Mendy Dubrowski

July 19th 2015

We just completed a 10-day tour with our community. It is our second tour with Shalom Israel Tours and like the first it was truly amazing. This time we brought a group of community members in addition to our 3 children. The program was flexible enough to stimulate and accomodate both groups. That is no […]

Is Yad Vashem Appropriate for Children?

July 14th 2015

You’re finally headed to Israel, and you’re going to make sure to visit all of the must-see places while you’re here, from the beaches of Eilat to the Western Wall in Jerusalem and the scenic hikes in the Golan and the memorial at Yad Vashem…. Or wait, should you really take the kids to Yad […]

5 Things to Keep with You While Touring Israel

July 14th 2015

Yes, yes, we’ve all heard that it can be useful to carry one’s passport at all times while traveling overseas. This isn’t really necessary in Israel, however, as there’s rarely any need to prove that you’re an international tourist. But there are a few things that you may find useful to carry with you on […]

5 Hikes in Israel Perfect for Summer Visits

July 14th 2015

If you’re visiting Israel during the summer and looking for some outdoor fun, make sure your itinerary includes the best hot weather nature hikes that Israel has to offer – areas that allow you to enjoy amazing natural adventures but without suffering too dramatically from the Mediterranean heat. Here are five great hikes worth checking […]