Dead Sea Float Experience

January 15th 2015

Mineral Beach at the Dead SeaThe Dead Sea serves as Israel’s natural and national spa resort. Dead Sea mud is luxuriously rich and creamy, and is loaded with glow-enhancing minerals. It’s not uncommon that you’ll see men, women, and children coated with the deep brown mud from head to toe during their afternoon in the Dead Sea sun. The salts and minerals found in the Dead Sea soothe and revitalize the skin.

Dead Sea Float!Another claim to fame that the Dead Sea boasts is that it is the lowest point of elevation on earth, at 417 meters below sea level. It is also the world’s saltiest body of water. Wade into the sea’s always-warm waters and let the buoyant pool support you as you kick back, relax, and float your way to a golden tan!

The Dead Sea area is warm even in the winter, making it a perfect vacation spot all year round. Spas have indoor pools, including salt water pools, so even if the weather is a bit chilly, you can enjoy the special qualities of the Dead Sea.

The Dead Sea

If you’ve never been to the Dead Sea before, you’ll want to allot a few days to explore the area. Besides the spas and beaches, the Dead Sea is rich in sites of archaeological and historical importance. Qumran, the site of the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls, is home to an archaeological excavation of life in the desert during the Second Temple period. Ein Gedi is the site of an exquisite ancient synagogue as well as natural waterfalls and wildlife such as ibex.

Visit & Float in the Dead SeaCentrally located, the Dead Sea is a great base for tours, hikes and other trips. Some of the more adventurous experiences on offer in the vicinity include horseback riding through the desert, jeep tours and parachuting over the Dead Sea and Masada. There are many fascinating hikes in the area which can be visited with a tour guide.

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