5 Neighborhoods in Israel You’d Be Surprised at How Fun They Are

January 15th 2018

You’ve booked the hotel, airfare, and tours. You arranged the car, the shuttle, and the meals. You’ve checked and double-checked, and this year’s Israel vacation is going to be epic. At last, you arrive, and there’s just one thing standing in between you and your dream holiday: TOURISTS!

If you hate sharing the air space and elbow room with thousands of other travelers who thought they had the same idea as you, then you need to check out some of these quieter locations. They’re exciting and beautiful destination spots that have just as much to offer as Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, and Eilat, but they’re not as well-known, which means you can have the beaches, rides, and museums all to yourself! Enjoy!

Tzipori, Where is That?!

Tzipori is a quiet town near Tiberias that was literally not on the map until the 1980s when archeologists decided to dig up some dirt. What they found was truly fascinating, and it brought with it a fabulous reason to visit this little spot that’s full of ancient historical findings.

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Holon is Hot!

Holon is not the hole in the wall that some of these places are, yet it’s still not making the top ten charts. So, you can enjoy some fabulous culture, art, and science when you visit Holon nestled between Bat Yam and Rishon L’tzion.

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Tranquil & Artistic Ein Kerem

Ein Kerem is the artist’s true haven. Tucked away in the Judean Hills, no one would ever know that the bustling Jerusalem had such a tranquil and artistic section carved out. Delight in the many galleries, shops, and scenes that you’ll only find in Ein Kerem.

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Top Things off in Rosh Pina

Heading up north? Before you dive into Safed, one of the four holy cities, check out Rosh Pina for a lesser-known location that contains the same beautiful mountain air, valleys, and scenery, without the crowds and business of a major city. You’ll also find some surprisingly exciting outdoor activities here.

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Petah Tikva? Who Would’ve Thought!

Petah Tikva is near Tel Aviv, but it doesn’t get nearly the same press. What you will find here is an ancient synagogue, some thrilling race tracks, and modern art to enjoy.

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