Amazing Things to do Around Ein Kerem

June 28th 2017

Ein Kerem is a Jerusalem neighborhood most popularly known for its fabulous hospital, Hadassah Ein Kerem. In fact, this little town has a lot more going for it than good medical services! From artistic flair to natural beauty, check out some of the greatest tourist spots you can visit without even leaving Jerusalem.

Chagall Windows

Ein Kerem is known for its art. The hills, the trees, the entire neighborhood is an inspiration waiting to be painted, and the number of private art galleries in the area is a testament to this fact. One of the greatest attractions artsy tourists love to behold are the Chagall Windows in the famous Hadassah Hospital. Feast your eyes on these twelve stained glass masterpieces, each one symbolically dedicated to each tribe of Israel in full, colorful glory.

Eden Tamir Music Center

If you’d rather enjoy your stimulation through music though, be sure to visit the Eden Tamir Music Center. You’ll enjoy piano recitals, concerts, and more.

Nightlife in Ein Kerem

There are several world-renowned restaurants you don’t want to miss out on situated in Ein Kerem including Charlotte and Inbal. Both are known for their delectable menus, suitable for even the most discerning diners and pickiest palates. Additionally, Ein Kerem has a boisterous nightlife that includes bars and clubs open till the wee hours of the night.

Eitz V’Mayim

Ready to really relax, rejuvenate, and restart your life? Then you need to visit Eitz V’Mayim’s retreat. Nestled in the heart of already breathtaking Ein Kerem, this water therapy resort will heal your aches and pains and alleviate the stresses of life you’ve been lugging around for years. Choose from exotic treatments such as water shiatsu, water dance therapy sessions, and reflexology, for one vacation indulgence that you can’t pass up.

There are plenty of great hikes in the area, as well, and if you’re a , make sure to check out these holy spots, as well. Ein Kerem is uniquely magical with all its stunning glory to share. It is just minutes away from one of the busiest epicenters in the Middle East, but looking out the window, you would never know it!