Check Out What to do in Holon

December 26th 2017

Holon, like Rosh Pina and Ein Kerem, are not on the list of top ten most well-known Israeli cities, and that actually works to your advantage. Why? Because it means you can travel these exciting destinations without the throngs of tourists that many of the more popular locations attract. Not sure what’s available to do in a place like Holon? Here are just a few of the many interesting and exciting activities you can easily fill a vacation day with (and you’ll be glad you did).

Holon Children’s Museum

The Holon Children’s Museum is one of the most well-designed attractions to take kids into consideration in the country. Combining hands-on exhibits with engaging activities, this museum covers everything from the cosmos down to the smallest insects and beyond. Adults and children will both be amazed by these well-designed and thoughtful attractions. Some of the most fascinating exhibits within the Children’s’ Museum include Dialogue in the Dark in which visitors are plunged into a world of darkness and taken through the daily life of a blind person for a truly unique experience, and Invitation to Silence, a similar experience with sound.

Story Gardens

If you’re traveling with children, the Story Gardens are an absolute must before you leave. These garden sculptures go through various famous children’s stories, depicting the tales and making them come to life before your eyes. It is one of the many initiatives Israel has undertaken to turn Holon into a family-centric area and an eco-friendly epicenter of the world.

Design Museum

Holon’s Design Museum offers art lovers of any form a chance to explore this exceptional world in interesting ways. Exhibits change frequently, but they are always interesting and all based on some form of design whether it’s art, sound, light, or some other subject matter. A must see for any art aficionado.

Bamba Factory Tour

If you’ve ever been to Israel before, you already know about Bamba. Possibly the most popular snack for Israeli kids (and adults), the peanut butter-based treat is seen all over. Now, you can visit the factory and take an interesting tour of how this and other Osem products are made, one of the many interesting food tours Israel has to offer.

Also, check out Nes Harim and Yamit, two of Israel’s hottest water parks, a whole slew of beautiful beaches, the Japanese Gardens, and the Israel Museum of Comics and Caricatures.