Hanging Out in Rosh Pina

September 7th 2017

Rosh Pina is sometimes overlooked for the bigger cities surrounding it. After all, it’s hard to live in the shadow of Tzfat (literally!). But, what many visiting tourists don’t know, is that this small town is brimming over with exciting outlets all its own. Take a look at what you’re missing if you just skip over Rosh Pina this trip.

New City of Rosh Pina

Whether you’re into shopping or not, this mall is a must-visit spot. The promenade is decorated with an entire display of pictures and sculptures commemorating the early settlement of Rosh Pina. Take the brisk walk uphill, well worth the trek, because aside from the stunning skyline of snow-capped Mt. Hermon, the path leads straight to the old city of Rosh Pina. The original neighborhood itself is a wonder to behold. It is beautifully preserved from its inception back in the 19th century by Baron Rothschild.

HaBaron Gardens

Stroll leisurely through the Baron’s Park, the beginning of the old neighborhood and home to some lovely floral displays and stonework. Advancing further, you’ll find yourself at the residence and office of Professor Gideon Mer, a doctor who was assigned the task of finding a cure for the widespread malaria that was plaguing the population.

Ancient Rosh Pina Synagogue

Built in the mid-1880’s, the ancient synagogue has been surprisingly well preserved. It has a graceful, old European flavor with painted ceiling murals and solid Romanian timber beams. Call before going to make sure you can get in since the synagogue is not always open to the public.

Rosh Pina Spa

Now, we wouldn’t just give you a slice of history without a little pampering. While you’re in the beautiful neighborhood, be sure to hit up the Rosh Pina Spa. A simple slice of heaven, the spa is situated in a lazy olive grove and includes treatments like reflexology, hot stone massages, Swedish massage, shiatsu, and more.

Come for the culture, stay for the chirapsia! Either way, enjoy the wonderful town of Rosh Pina that you never even knew existed.