Check out What to do in Tzipori

December 18th 2017

We’ve done a fun series on lesser-known locales around Israel that are actually more exciting than you’d imagine. And, many tourists have told us how enjoyable their trips were because of these off the beaten path suggestions. But, who has even heard of Tzipori? Dollars to donuts you haven’t and that you couldn’t point it out on a map if we paid you. Don’t worry, we won’t quiz you on geography, but we will give you a few highlights you’ll find in Tzipori to show you why you are going to want to head north towards this wonderfully interesting lazy town on your next trip.

Tzipori National Park

Easily the most prominent tourist attraction in Tzipori, the National Park is one of Israel’s fascinating archeological sites. Despite having major significance throughout Talmudic times, this city was barely noticed until a few decades ago when a few excavations were begun in earnest.

The site contains remnants of 2nd and 3rd century life when Tzipori was actually a hub of Jewish life. Some of the interesting finds include a water system, amphitheater (for 4,500 seats!), intricate marketplace, synagogues, bathhouses, and more. Art lovers will appreciate the Mona Lisa of the Galilee, a stunning mosaic design of a woman discovered in the 1980s.

Kfar Kedem

Relive the Mishnaic era with this involved re-enactment of the times, customs, and dialogues. Have a conversation with Kfar Kedem workers dressed in the garb of the times of the Mishna, ask questions, and discover how bread is made, how donkeys were the mode of transport, and a slew of other activities that really bring the whole thing to life.

Reish Lakish Oil Press

Watch the fascinating process of extracting oil from hundred-year old olives. The oil press combines ancient practices with modern machinery for an illuminating experience. Additionally, visitors can learn about green farming practices and organic farming, have an olive tasting party, and go on a vegetable picking tour. A real back to nature day of fun in the sun.

There’s also horseback riding and hiking in the area, so don’t miss out. In addition, if you’re looking for a place to stay in these parts, look no further than the charming Kitron guest house. You’ll find all the accommodations comfortable, hospitable, and beautiful. And, it’s just minutes away from all these attractions you’ll surely be interested in seeing.