Horseback Riding in Israel: What a Thrill!

April 15th 2017

Horseback riding is one of the most exciting outdoor adventures you can have. The wind is rushing past your face, the thud of the horses’ hooves beating against the ground keeps the atmosphere charged, and the twists and turns of the Israeli terrain ensure that you are always attentive and having a blast.

That is if it’s done properly. You don’t want to ruin this experience by banking on a lemon. Those ranches will only let you trot alongside a “more experienced” rider who looks like he’d rather be watching paint dry than leading you along the lazy countryside this afternoon. If you want to experience horseback riding the way it was meant to be, check out these action-packed ranches for real riding fun.

The Ranch

Anyone who’s been to Netanya before knows how beautiful this part of the country is. So imagine how magical it would be to experience this area on horseback! With the stunning sunsets at your right and the majestic mountains off to the distance, you will be astounded by the beauty and awe-inspiring wonder of this natural landscape. The Ranch, situated in the north of Netanya has several tracks for riders, from beginners to skilled gauchos, so you can choose your trail and enjoy.

Kibbutz Kalya

Kibbutz Kalya is located by the Dead Sea, so these rides promise to give you the lovely backdrop of this area. The Kalya Stables not only have riding trips for one hour, two hours, or full day trips, but this stable is set up as a riding school, so you are getting the best in instruction and riding equipment. This stable is particularly known for teaching young children to ride, and giving them the confidence to soar through this difficult, self-esteem boosting challenge.

Sirin Riders

This is possibly the most intense of all horseback riding experiences you’ll find in Israel. They not only offer day trips, but you can make a week of the exhilarating activity, touring the land as you ride saddleback along the countryside. With different packages geared towards varying skill levels, Sirin Riders certainly has an option for everyone.

There’s something to suit everyone when you decide to saddle up, so strap on your riding boots, and hit up one of these exciting trails the next time you are in Israel.