Best Israeli Beaches to Hit Before the Summer Rush

May 26th 2016

If you’re in Israel this spring, you have a golden opportunity. Israeli beaches are known for their magical blue tint, incredible tides, and healing properties too. The problem is that all throughout the summer months these fabulous beaches are packed to the gills with tourists and locals trying to get their fun in the sun while they can.

And that’s why you’re so lucky. Coming to Israel in the spring affords you the luxury of enjoying these world-renowned beaches before the crowds start to form. If you are looking for your own slice of heaven, check out these top beach cities that are beautiful this spring.

Netanya Beach

Coastal_Horseback_RidingAre you a soccer fan? Then you should head straight for Netanya because that’s the place to be for any avid soccer enthusiast. Every Friday in June and July, the Israeli Beach Soccer League plays at the Poleg Beach Stadium, one of Netanya’s premiere beaches. You can enjoy the sun, sand, surf, and of course, soccer!

Eilat Beaches

Eilat Birds Eye ViewIf you enjoy warm water but want to avoid the intense heat that is usually associated with Eilat in the summer, then hit up these beaches in the springtime before things have had time to really heat up. Eilat beaches are known for their intense blue color, along with the indescribable palette of tropical fish that you can see flitting about beneath the water’s surface. It’s something out of a fairytale, and you won’t believe it until you see it.

Rishon L’Tzion Beach

Heading towards the north, you’ll find Rishon L’Tzion is a lovely beach that not a lot of people know about. Because this slice of sea coast is so tucked away, it stays uncrowded for longer and farther into the warm weather. You can park yourself anywhere along the beach and enjoy some of the softest sand and best waves in the country.

Beit Yannai Beach

Bet Yanai BeachThis beach is slightly to the north of Netanya and is the meeting point between the Mediterranean Sea and the Alexander River. This quiet slip of beach is probably one of the most exciting finds for a tourist because it’s got so much going for it. There are picnic tables, restaurants, and showers for the public to use, and those who don’t want the fun to end can camp out on the beach overnight.

Yannai is also a favored spot for kite-surfing as well as being a nature reserve and home to some of the most beautiful plants in the country. All in all, Beit Yannai Beach is a guaranteed good time, so be sure to hit it up this trip.

Of course there are loads more beaches dotting the coast of Israel, and we encourage you to experience them all! Come visit Israel in the spring, and enjoy the beauty of the beaches without the booming crowds of people.