What’s There to do in Beersheba?

January 23rd 2018

Many tourists never venture as far south as Beer Sheva, or if they do, they often circumvent this little town for the more exciting Eilat. While it can get hot enough to cook an egg on the sidewalks during the real heat of the summer, Beer Sheva, also known as Beersheba, actually contains some amazing finds. If this isn’t your first time in Israel, you’ll definitely want to put this quiet town on your itinerary so you can get a glimpse of some of these cool attractions.

 Carasso Science Park

The biggest science museum in Israel, Carasso is a fabulous way to learn about science and the world. With hundreds of stimulating exhibits like an interactive museum, scientific garden, and games and activities that incorporate science into every theme, the Carasso Science Park brings new light to interesting topics such as microelectronics, nuclear energy, genetics, and more.

And, while you’re in the neighborhood, you should be sure to check out Lunada, one of the most comprehensive and engaging children’s museums in the country. Cover topics from arts and music to emotions, languages, and more. Each exhibit focuses on strengthening real life skills for kids, so it’s learning and growing experience simultaneously.

Israeli Air Force Museum

The Israeli Air Force Museum is easily one of the biggest highlights of this city. People travel from all over to see the exciting air shows, learn more about this valiant branch of the IDF, and pay tribute to the heroism displayed constantly by our troops.

In the area, there’s also the Australian Soldier Park, dedicated to those soldiers from Australia who captured the town from the Ottomans and the Negev Brigade monument.

Negev Museum of Art

Enter this quaint building for a glimpse at art throughout the ages. With rotating exhibits, the Negev Museum of Art always has something interesting on display including an expose on charcoal, a deeper look at desert life, and even modern superheroes in Israeli comics. It’s a fun and interesting way to spend the day.

Don’t skip out on the Engine 70414 train yard either if you like your bit of historical artifacts. Beersheba doesn’t get the same traffic as many other cities in Israel, so you won’t be fighting off crowds of tourists to enjoy these main attractions. Check out some other off the beaten path cities like Holon, Kfar Saba, and Ashdod, too, once you’ve finished with this one.