Beersheva: The Unforgettable Tourist Destination You Never Knew Existed

November 7th 2016

Beersheva is a quiet, humdrum town that doesn’t get an awful lot of fanfare in the tourist department. It’s not bustling like Tel Aviv, not nearly as heritage rich as Jerusalem (though there’s plenty of history here too), and it can’t beat Eilat in terms of glitz. And that’s why it’s the perfect location if you’re looking for a hidden treasure this trip. Lose the crowds and enjoy some fascination, fun, and freedom with these top destinations as you head south.


Lunada’s Children’s Museum

Lunada is a fun place for children to play, discover, and learn. With zones like Emotions, Explore the World, and Art & Music, Lunada attempts to build important cognitive as well as emotional, social, and physical skills that children can use in their daily lives. The discovery museum is designed to incorporate the various senses into the learning experience and presents interesting facts and ideas in various forms including physical activities and challenges that keep the kids engaged and excited for more.


Air Force Museum

The Israeli Air Force Museum is a fascinating place for kids and adults to really get a good look at this section of Israel’s legendary fighting team. See real fighter jets, jump inside for a view from the cockpit, and best of all, enjoy an amazing air show performed twice daily above the museum.

There are also several other museums in the area that you can enjoy like the Bedouin Culture Museum and the Negev Art Museum.


Tel Arad

This fascinating archeological site is a beautifully excavated town from Biblical times. Travel through time as you walk between the walls of an ancient city, featuring carved stones, pot shards, and cultural artifacts. There are even clay letter samples that archeologists have used to determine a high literacy level as early as the 11th century BC.


Engine 70414

Check out one of the few remaining pre-WWI railway stations that still exist in the world. Engine 70414 gives visitors a real historical perspective on this important period in time, the shift between the Ottoman Empire and early British rule. History buffs will really appreciate this slice of past brought into perspective.

History, culture, fun, Beersheva has it all. So make sure to hit up this little-known jewel of Israeli tourism that you are sure to love!