Heading Down South: Fun & Fascination in the Negev

August 6th 2016

The Negev is the southern area of Israel and includes Beer Sheva, Mitzpe Rimon, and Eilat. It doesn’t take long to get from one end of Israel to the next, so wherever you are located, you can enjoy these amazing attractions. Pick a few favorites for an unforgettable vacation this year.



Eilat is easily one of the most beautiful cities in the world. A magical mixture of modern marvels and nature’s finest features, Eilat is the go-to location whenever anyone in Israel is looking for an unbeatable experience. Head south, and check out Eilat’s jewels such as:

The Underwater Observatory: Observe a whole new world that exists under the sea as fish of every shape, size, and exotic color imaginable swim about their day right before your eyes.

Coral Beach: Can’t stand to sit back and just be an observer? Then take the plunge and swim among the eclectic sea life in full snorkeling or scuba diving wonder.

Dolphin Beach: Who hasn’t dreamed of swimming with dolphins? Do it at least once in your life!

Kings City: A biblical amusement park? Learn some history, marvel at the interactive presentations, and be blown away by the unbelievable detail and depth of this unexpectedly fascinating experience.

Mother Nature at Her Best


Mother Nature really outdid herself in the Negev. This area is brimming over with breathtaking sites and experiences that anyone who has seen them is simply left speechless by. Be amazed at the simple beauty of nature at:

Timna Nature Reserve: Home to The Arches and King Solomon’s Pillars, Timna is a true work of art to behold.

Ramon Crater Lookout: Stand in awe at rare geological phenomenon that was created wondrously through years of erosion!

Beer Sheva


If you like tales of the courageous Israeli army, then you need to check out the IDF Air Force Museum in Beer Sheva. View real fighter jets and paraphernalia, watch a fabulous air show, and hear all about the heroics from current Israeli Defense Force airmen.

Visit the Negev today, you’ll be glad you did!