Doing Netanya Right: Top Things for Tourists to Do in Netanya

December 12th 2017

Netanya is known by the locals for being beautiful, quiet, and a well-kept secret from tourists for years. Well, now it’s time for you to enjoy this gorgeous location for yourself. So, we’ve created a list of awesome itinerary toppers for your next visit to Israel. You’re going to love this list, just don’t tell them that we’ve spilled the beans!

Poleg Beach

Poleg Beach is not just a stunning, sun-bleached, sandy haven. It is also the only place to be for some of the most exciting extreme sporting challenges around Israel. It’s most popular option is surfing, but we’re not just talking about the typical David Hasselhoff surfing you’re used to. Poleg Beach offers a tremendous variety of surfing sports including windsurfing, kitesurfing, and standup paddleboarding. There’s also parasailing, paragliding, miniature plane flying, parachuting, horseback riding, and jeeping on the beach.

While we’re on the subject, there is a gorgeous promenade that runs the entire length of the Netanya shoreline. Nizza Promenade stretches 4.5 km and is covered with lovely floral displays, charming cafes, and an ever-present and breathtaking view of the sea.

Atzmaut Square

Atzmaut Square is not just another pretty park (which it is by the way). This location is one of Israel’s first interactive parks, and it’s designed with the most advanced technologies including water screens, LED screens, and audio and light systems for some epic events. Visitors will enjoy an array of happenings throughout the year, connecting and controlling their experience via smartphone interaction, as well as the regularly-present ecological pond, embedded interactive floor games, stages, and more.

Victory Monument

Victory Monument is a powerful memorial commemorating the defeat of Nazi Germany by the Red Army during World War II. The monument stands as a treaty between Russia and Israel, dedicated in 2012 together by Putin and Netanyahu. Designed in the form of a maze, the Victory Monument is artistically meant to symbolize the transition from the dark horrors of the Holocaust to the light of hope that was reignited upon founding the State of Israel.

Shefayim Water Park

Shefayim is known to be the country’s largest water park, and people flock to it for fun and flights of fancy. Three tremendous complexes make up the park, with a water complex, a paintball complex, and an adventure complex attracting visitors of all ages.


If you like science, this is a good stop for you. A bit on the pricey side if you have a large group, Planetanya is a beautifully done center for science, space, and culture. There’s a digital planetarium, films, eco pools, outdoor activities, hands-on exhibits, and more.

Don’t forget the shooting range, flea market, Beit Yanai national park, escape rooms, clubs, and segway tours that run regularly around Netanya. It might be a beach town, but there’s a whole lot more than sun and sand to enjoy, so head straight for this fabulous vacation destination and understand why so many others already have.