Escape Rooms – The New Craze

May 25th 2016

Escape Rooms are the new craze that have become hugely popular around the world. The real-life escape scenario game has exploded onto the scene across Europe, the US, Asia, and…you guessed it…Israel!

Escape Room

Successful players celebrate their escape –

The general idea is simple. Your group is locked inside a room, where you will be required to search for clues in order to escape as quickly as possible. With an hour to solve the various problems and puzzles, your group will have to work together to earn your escape.

The game is designed for groups of 2-10 people, so teamwork is essential. It’s a good idea to choose friends who will enjoy the experience, while simultaneously assisting in gaining your freedom from captivity inside the room.

Top 10 Escape Rooms in Israel

NOTE: Most Escape Rooms in Israel require online booking.  Many of these facilities offer corporate event bookings as well.

Here are some of the top spots for you to check out:

SecretRoom – Yafo 97, Jerusalem OR Yoel Solomon 16, Jerusalem
EscapeIt – Totzeret Ha’eretz 16, Tel Aviv
BrainIt – 3 locations in Rishon Lezion, 1 in Netanya, 1 in Herziliya, and 4 in Tel Aviv
Quest & Quest – Menachem Begin 25, Tel Aviv
Escape Room – Gershon Shatz 28, Tel Aviv OR Shamai 19, Jerusalem
Mysterion – Ha’maayan 4, Modiin
Questomania – Ha’hashmonaen 100, Tel Aviv
Out of the Box – Dizengoff 203, Tel Aviv
Quest Room – Yonatan Hasandler 13, Haifa
Exit Room – Locations throughout the country in Beersheva, Haifa, Ramat Gan, Tel Aviv, and Herziliya

There are escape rooms located across Israel in every major city – Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Modiin, Haifa, Beersheva and others – basically, if you’re in the mood to escape to a world of mystery and puzzles, there won’t be one too far away for you to explore.

Need a break from the heat? Escape into a cool room and let the adventure begin…we just hope you can make your way out so you can enjoy the rest of your travels in Israel!