Spotlight on Modiin: Fun Things to do Around the Town

February 18th 2016

Modiin is famously named for the heroic Maccabim who fought against the Grecian tyranny more than 2,000 years ago. Today, Modiin stands as a vibrant city, a cornucopia of culture, nature, and heritage. If you are in Israel this year, treat yourself to a day in this delightful area visiting one of these exciting spots.

Aladdin Olive Farm

Kids and adults will enjoy the variety of activities at the Aladdin Olive Farm, enough to fill a whole day with fun entertainment. Feed the chickens, collect tea leaves from the expansive herbal gardens, watch how zaatar is prepared and olives are pickled, and bake some delicious and fresh pita bread on site. Finish off the enlightening tour with a rest and a snack in the Bedouin tent for some real cultural exposure.

Anava/Anabe Park

During the warmer months, Anabe municipal nature park is the go-to spot for locals, with a lovely lake for boating and a pergola-covered orchard. Though the lake is drained in the winter, this is still a fabulous place to take the kids. It’s loaded with dinosaur statues, sports areas, playground equipment, hiking trails, and a cafe nearby.

Weekend Outdoor Markets

Kick off the weekend with some homegrown fun at the Farmer’s market at Lev Reut shopping center. Even in the winter, you can enjoy wagonloads of delicious citrus fruits, winter veggies, and organic food stuffs. Additionally, the market is chock full of one of a kind items made by locals that are delightful and delectable.

Indoor Fun

Is it raining on your Modiin parade? There’s plenty of indoor activity going on around these parts, as well. Get in a game of light-hearted bowling or visit Kyad Hadimyon for some relaxing pottery painting. Just make sure you plan accordingly since your pieces will only be ready a week or so later.

The fun never stops in this colorful, friendly, and oh so lovely town, so be sure to visit the parks and pleasures of Modiin on your next visit to the Holy Land.