Eilat’s Hidden Jewels

December 4th 2017

Everyone knows that Eilat’s the best place to go for snorkeling, swimming with the dolphins, and tax-free shopping in Israel. Fewer people know about the stunning Red Canyon hikes, and if you’re looking for a more nature-themed visit to Eilat, then check out these hidden jewels Mother Nature gifted to the area.

Coral Beach Reserve

The Coral Beach Reserve is a breathtaking slice of life beneath the waters that really lets you experience what this underwater world goes through every day. See exotic fish in fascinating colors, tropical gardens, and living corals in their natural habit.

Timna Park

A lake in the desert? You read that right, and when you visit Timna Park, you’ll get to experience this wonder of nature. Hike through the Timna valley, marvel at the world’s oldest, largest, and most impressive copper mine, and Solomon’s Pillars, giant sandstone towers that stand in the middle of the desert valley. The mines have shafts and smelting furnaces that amazingly date back as far as ancient Egypt! Anyone who appreciates geology, history, and nature will find this park fascinating from beginning to end.

Bird Sanctuary

If you’ve ever wondered about bird migration, the Eilat Bird Sanctuary is a great place to visit. Not only does it have some great observation points where you can see all sorts of breeds and feathers passing through the area, but you’ll learn some fascinating facts along the way like how birds sense star movements and the Earth’s magnetic field to know their migration paths.

Eilat Mountains

The Red Canyon runs through the Eilat Mountains, and if you haven’t done the hike yet, you really ought to. Check out this Red Canyon highlight for more details about this gorgeous and unique mountain hike. Additionally, you can take jeep rides, camel rides, and several hikes throughout the mountain.

Eilat is well-loved for its thrilling water activities, stunning beaches, and pristine mall/hotel scene. And, now you can enjoy this lovely area of the country for a whole other reason. Visit Eilat today, and discover the natural beauty that is just waiting to be enjoyed.