Fun Underwater Activities to Do in Eilat: Part One

March 27th 2017

Eilat is the perfect vacation destination. It’s got beautiful weather, modern accommodations, and stunning natural attractions to tie the package deal together with a nice bow. Possibly the cream of the Eilat crop, though, is the sparkling blue water that surrounds this coastal city. Aside from the breathtaking hues of ever-progressing blues and the paradise beaches lining the Eilat waterline, the bays are filled with exciting, unique, and gotta-try-it-once opportunities that will make your vacation unforgettable. Check out just two of the top underwater activities Eilat has to offer.


Snorkeling in the Red Sea is something you simply can’t pass up. The water is beautifully clear, and the perfect temperature for taking the plunge, and the marine life is something you’d only expect to see in the movies. Colors of every shade; electric blue, purple, orange, and pink, fish of varying sizes, shapes, and species, and corals that will leave you wondering if you should take a course to learn more about these fascinating marine invertebrates.

Snorkeling equipment, teachers, and lessons are available for every skill level, so don’t be afraid if you’ve never done this before. Eilat is the ideal place for trying something new. There’s also proper scuba diving for the even more adventurous tourists among you.

Underwater Observatory

This is probably the most fascinating place to come if you’ve ever dreamed of really seeing what it was like to live “under the sea.” You’ll be humming the tune from The Little Mermaid as you enter this magical world of underwater life, that is, until you become too overwhelmed by the majestic beauty and awe of the place. The underwater observatory is located below sea level, and it is constructed within the natural ocean ecosystem. Therefore, it doesn’t interrupt any of the daily routines of the inhabitants. This gives you a firsthand look at what goes on down below. See schools of fish as they scuttle off, watch larger marine life go about their business, and see the various sea flora sprouting and contracting with the pulse of the underwater life. This is truly a sight to behold.

Ready to dive deep? Then head south straight for Eilat, and give yourself the kind of vacation most people only dream about today! P.S. There are more exhilarating things to do in Eilat, so tune in for part two for more fun and adventure.