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Fun Underwater Activities to Do in Eilat: Part One

March 27th 2017

Eilat is the perfect vacation destination. It’s got beautiful weather, modern accommodations, and stunning natural attractions to tie the package deal together with a nice bow. Possibly the cream of the Eilat crop, though, is the sparkling blue water that surrounds this coastal city. Aside from the breathtaking hues of ever-progressing blues and the paradise […]

Spotlight on Jerusalem: Mike’s Place

January 14th 2017

Tel Aviv is famous for its nightlife. And truth be told, if you’re looking for a wild and crazy party that’ll keep you moving till the sun comes out, Tel Aviv is your best choice. If you’re looking for something a little less…committed though, there are some great bars in Jerusalem that you can enjoy […]

Eilat, The Vacation You’ve Always Dreamed Of

March 30th 2016

Eilat is known as the ideal vacation spot for any Israeli traveler, but do you know why? It’s not just that the water is bluer than even Crayola could conjure or that the air you’re breathing is cleaner than the stuff you can sniff out of a can. Eilat is the ultimate extreme vacationer’s haven […]

Eilat Underwater Observatory

December 30th 2014

The Underwater Observation Marine Park is one of the not-to-be-missed highlights of a touring experience in Eilat. Here, visitors can descend a staircase into a glassed-in room deep below the surface of the Red Sea. Located just a few miles to the south of Israel’s southernmost city, the Underwater Observatory hosts hundreds of species of […]

Ramon Crater Lookout

December 16th 2014

Ramon Crater, called Makhtesh Ramon in Hebrew, is Israel’s answer the Grand Canyon, although strictly speaking, it isn’t a proper canyon or even a crater! It’s a makhtesh, a geological landform exclusive to the Negev that scientists believe was created through erosion. The Ramon Crater is the largest makhtesh in Israel. Located 53 miles south of […]

Negev & Eilat Tour Sites

September 13th 2010

NEGEV DESERT & EILAT TOUR SITES Eilat Bay Dolphin Beach Underwater Observation Marine Park Snuba Diving Trips Kings City Eilat Timna Park Ramon Crater Petra, Jordan

Eilat Bay

September 13th 2010

Eilat Bay, the southernmost tip of Israel, includes a beautiful coral reef that straddles the equator. The warm water in the Red Sea enables coral to grow and thrive in the area. Visitors are welcome to come to Eilat Bay and snorkel or scuba dive around the coral and see the diverse fish life that […]

Snuba Diving Trips

September 13th 2010

Snuba is a guided underwater adventure geared mainly toward beginners who have no scuba experience. Visitors to the Snuba Diving Club can either go snuba diving or snorkeling; you can rent or buy snorkel equipment. Snuba is similar to scuba except that the air tank remains at the surface of the water in a boat, […]

Kings City Eilat

September 13th 2010

Kings City Eilat is a biblical amusement park that covers 40,000 square feet on three levels, and is a recreation of a royal king’s palace. There are four distinct areas in the park. There is the Journey to the Past where visitors can go back to the time of the Pharaohs in ancient Egypt; the […]