Eilat, The Vacation You’ve Always Dreamed Of

March 30th 2016

Eilat MarinaEilat is known as the ideal vacation spot for any Israeli traveler, but do you know why? It’s not just that the water is bluer than even Crayola could conjure or that the air you’re breathing is cleaner than the stuff you can sniff out of a can. Eilat is the ultimate extreme vacationer’s haven for unforgettable experiences that’ll last you a lifetime. Check out some memory-makers that will leave you speechless.

Snorkeling at the Coral Beach

To start your adventure out right, dive into the water and enjoy the sights of some of the most exotic aquatic flora and fauna you’ll ever see. Enjoy schools of fish whizzing by your toes, watch the coral reefs wave lazily in the water, and marvel at the sun as it reflects through the water’s surface. Don’t forget your sunscreen! http://tzlilut.co.il/full-day-guided-dives-diving-eilat/

Scuba Diving in Red Sea (Menta)

If you like gettin’ wet and wild, you’ve got to experience the deep scuba diving in the Red Sea. You’ll see an underwater world of adventure and beauty like you can’t find anywhere else on the planet. The shades of orange and purple, electric blue, and sizzling green are sights that words cannot contain. You’ll just have to take the plunge and see it all for yourself!

Water Sports

With crystal clear blue seas and some skies that you could easily sail away in, Eilat is an epicenter for water sports. There are amazing experiences waiting for you to tackle. Try out any of these sports including banana boating, jet skiing, parachuting, water tubing, water skiing, speed boating, and more! https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ice_Park_and_Mall

Ice Mall

When you need to get out of the sun, there’s even an enjoyable spot that you won’t want to miss. The Ice Mall is a massive structure that spans approximately 40,000 square meters (close to 130,000 square feet!) on the Eilat bay. In addition to high end shopping, delectable restaurants and cafes, and some beautiful architectural features, the mall contains the biggest ice skating rink in Israel. It’s smack in the middle of the mall, so you can sneak in some skating between window shopping and shopping sprees.

Eilat is a slice of heaven that you can experience right here on Earth. You haven’t truly lived until you have experienced the thrills and excitement of Eilat, so don’t waste another minute wondering. Head straight for the border today, and start living at last!