Eilat’s Red Canyon, a Wonder to Behold

August 10th 2017

Eilat is well loved for its thrilling water sports, shopping, and fantastic beaches. What not everyone knows about this beautiful hot spot is that it’s also a fabulous destination for active tourists, as well. Tucked away just outside the busy, modern city of Eilat is a world of nature and beauty that simply blows the contemporary section clear out of the water. One of the most exciting nature activities is a hike through Eilat’s Red Canyon. The colors, the scenery, and the experience is something any traveler who enjoys the outdoors is going to love. Check out what you need to know about this wonder of nature.

Finding the Canyon

Traveling from the north even before you get to Eilat, you’ll hit the Red Canyon. If you’re already in Eilat, you can either drive or take the shuttle that runs regularly from the hotel area. The exquisite canyon is termed as such because of the unique red hue that the rocks are made of. Additionally, streaks of white are interspersed between the red for a truly magnificent design that only Mother Nature could pull off.

Trails for Every Hiker

Whether you are a weathered hiking pro or just starting out, the Red Canyon offers fun and enjoyable paths to accommodate. Opt for the green trail if you are traveling with small children, older folks, or inexperienced hikers. This is a pleasant path that leads down to a lovely creek, and you can stop for lunch in the canyon.

For more experienced hikers or travelers who like to have more of a challenge, head for the black trail, instead. This hour and a half long hike leading down into the second part of the canyon is steeper and definitely more invigorating. From this path, you can visit some breathtaking locations within the canyon, as well as the narrow passageway that marks the entrance to the actual Red Canyon path.

There are plenty of other thrilling adventures to have in Eilat, so head south today!