Modiin: What’s Hot Over Here

November 16th 2017

Modiin is a wonderful city situated roughly between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. You’ll find some amazing day trips including the rolling hills of Anabe Park. If you’re looking for some good day trips, take a look at these topnotch sights for family fun.

Iza Pziza Dairy Tour & Chai Goat Farm

If you’ve ever wondered how cheeses are made, then you should visit one of the two dairy farms in the area. Both the Iza Pziza Dairy and the Chai Goat Farm have interesting tours and workshops for the whole family. At Iza Dairy, take a walking tour of how the goats are milked and how the cheese is actually processed. Then, you can have a cheese-tasting for some delicious treats, and purchase some provisions for the way home.

The Chai Goat Farm is even more interactive with weaving workshops, a petting farm, ice cream making, olive picking and pressing, herb workshops, and more.

Ruth Vineyard

If you like the idea of delicious wine tastings, strolls through lush vineyards, and an interesting walk-thru on the process of winemaking, this is the place for you. This kosher tour teaches newcomers about the tastes, colors, and scents of different types of wines, and will leave them with a newfound appreciation for the art behind the process.

Monkey Park

There is just something riveting about watching monkeys at play. Kids love to see their antics, and even adults will take an interest in these entertaining creatures when visiting Modiin’s exclusive Monkey Park. Enjoy an interactive tour that takes visitors across the habitat featuring various types of monkeys and teaches about their lifestyles and practices. Kids will really love the interactive section of the park where they can walk among the monkeys inside their natural habitat, and the gymboree is great for letting off some steam.

Neot Kedumim Park

There is so much to say about and do in Neot Kedumim Park; a small entry will hardly do it justice. Suffice it to say you’ll be blown away by this expertly-done park that fashions each of its exhibits after a specific theme such as the Seven Species, the Garden of Wisdom, and the Land of Milk and Honey.

Check out some more great attractions in Modiin this year!