Marveling Meron Before & After Lag Ba’Omer

November 20th 2017

Everyone knows that Meron is the place to be when Lag B’Omer comes around. With bonfires rising to the heavens, music streaming through the air, and crowds that reach the tens of thousands filling every inch of the streets surrounding the gravesite of Rebbe Shimon Bar Yochai, it’s definitely one of the most happening spots to behold the entire calendar year.

But, you might be surprised to learn that Lag B’Omer isn’t the only time of year that Meron holds people’s interest. In fact, all year round, this mountain top village offers some exciting, unique, and altogether breathtaking experiences you don’t want to miss. Take a look!

Birya Forest & Fortress

Birya Forest is the largest man-made forest in Israel and is filled with points of interest such as natural springs, groves, and an ancient synagogue you can visit.

The Birya Fortress was built back in the times of the British Mandate and is the location of the famous Birya Affair. This was an army operation during which the British tried to overpower the city of Birya but were thwarted by members of the Zionist Haganah underground movement. Today, the fortress stands as a memorial and a museum.

Baram National Park

Baram National Park is an archeological wonderland that highlights findings from an affluent village that existed from approximately the 1st to the 7th centuries CE. Wander through the ruins to travel through time, and pay particular attention to the ancient synagogue from the Talmudic period that has been preserved. The synagogue is dated from around 400 CE, and its impressive construction has certainly stood the test of time.

Paar Cave

The Paar Cave is not like most caves you’ll visit anywhere else. It is a karstic sinkhole, meaning it was formed by the breakdown of soft rocks that eventually fashioned into a hollowed out cave. These sites are fascinating topographically, but the Paar Cave is also just a beautiful place to visit for the geology and appearance of the cave itself. This particular cave is actually a part of a larger nature reserve spanning 14 dunams of land.

There are also several other mountains you can hike across surrounding Meron, along with a winery, and an exciting rope climbing adventure not far off. If you’re looking for adventure, head straight for Meron. Just make sure you’re not visiting around the holidays to beat the crowds.