Elijah’s Cave

May 31st 2011

In the beautiful world of Haifa next to the beach lies the prophet’s haven.

Who was Elijah? Scripture sees him as a prophet, who used this cave to gain strength before returning to defeat the pagans who worshipped Baal. Elijah lived in the 9th century BCE. The Cave was also the location he returned to during exile in order to set up his school of learning.

Many times throughout the Bible and Scripture we see reference to caves being a necessary sanctuary for holy people who are hiding from villains and desperate to commune with the Lord. This cave is no different; it was the place in which Elijah ran to the escape the wrath of Ahab, king of Israel.

It is also believed that Jesus and his family hid in Elijah’s cave when they were running for safety from King Herod.

When Israel regained sovereignty in 1948, the cave was returned to Jewish hands, maintained by the Authority for Holy Land Sites.

Visiting Elijah’s Cave is nothing new for private Israel group tours; Pilgrims have been recorded visiting Elijah’s Cave since at least 1626, as evidenced by a letter written from Israel by a Jewish visitor who went into detail about this magnificent cave that he visited on Mount Carmel. You can even see writings on the wall from pilgrims throughout the years who took about themselves to travel in Israel on their own Israel vacations (without the luxury of El Al’s comfortable reclining chairs, no doubt).

Elijah’s Cave is alive and well, with all sorts of festivities going on. You may find on any given day a circumcision being performed in the Cave, or a boy of three year’s old who is receiving his first haircut (which might explain your confusion at Israeli Jewish children who look like boys but have hair like girls). There is also a Torah Ark located at the cave. Also similar to the Wailing Wall, it is also a custom for visitors to pray and place notes in the walls of the Cave.

After your done trooping through this inspiring cave of Holy Israel, take the luxurious opportunity to go out into the bright sunlight and visit the gorgeous world of Haifa.