Check Out What to do in & Near Kfar Saba

January 10th 2018

Kfar Saba is not your hot happenings city. But, while it can’t compete with Tel Aviv or Jerusalem in a popularity contest, Kfar Saba has quite a few attractions (especially for younger children) to enjoy. Take a look at our list of exciting outings in Kfar Saba for your next trip to Israel.

Yudis Gymboree

Yudis is filled with all the things your little kids could ask for including balloons, slides, flashing lights, jumping castles, and more. Easily spend the day bouncing along these colorful and exciting obstacle courses for kids.

Havat HaTukim

The bird experience is a real treat for anyone who appreciates these fine feathered friends. The park features loads of exotic birds in all their colorful splendor. Tour these lovely creatures in their natural habitats, learn about the various breeds living within the compound, and even purchase one that you really take a fancy to! Just outside Kfar Saba.

Antiquities Museum

The Kfar Saba Antiquities Museum is a riveting expose on archeology. They take a hands on approach to understanding and learning about ancient artifacts from the prehistoric eras through the Turkish period as well as many intriguing discoveries and tools that will illuminate this mind-bending topic.

The Soap Cake Factory

If you’re looking to have some good, clean fun (we had to!), then the soap factory is the best destination for you. Watch how soap is made, but even more fascinating than that, you can see how beautiful shapes and creations are artistically formed out of this substance. Visitors can also craft their own soap formations to take home during the workshops. It’s a really interesting and unique tour that is not like most other workshops you’ve been a part of.

Benjamin’s Tomb

Visit this prominent gravesite of the youngest of the Twelve Tribes on your way to Kfar Saba. While there is some controversy over the actual location, most historians believe that this is the real tomb of Benjamin, and many Jews go to the site to pray.

There is also a wonderful winery tour and tasting at the Saslov Winery. And, don’t forget to check out the bowling alley, Paintball Israel, and the exclusive country club while you’re there!