Paintball in Israel

May 5th 2011


Throughout your travels in the land of Israel, there are numerous sites ready to host your Israeli group tour on a colorful, competitive outing.

If you are traveling with younger ones, this is one experience they will never pass up. For kids 6-12, you can host birthday parties, set up by  the organization Paintball Israel as “a “novice soldier’s basic training course”. Basically how it works is this: the kids receive army uniforms, compete in an army-style obstacle course, learn the process of setting up army tents, being part of the shoot-and-run course, and partaking in shooting training at a shooting range. For a duration of about two hours.  If that isn’t cool, I don’t know what is.

This paintballing adventure is PERFECT for Israel bar mitzvah or Israel bat mitzvah tours. And don’t forget graduation events, summer camps, and even anniversary parties ( okay, maybe not anniversary parties. But everything else).

If you want to get back at your Israeli tour guide for speaking so much on the bus when you’re trying to sleep, this is the best way to get out of your aggression in a healthy, bonding way!

One paintballing opportunity is offered in the bodacious lands of Haifa. Called North Extreme” Amusement Park”, it is beautifully situated next to the mountain and sea.  For those on a search for continual adrenaline rush opportunities, you can also bungee jump, trampoline, and do the climbing wall at North Extreme Park. Other Paintballing Israel sites are in the South ( Kibbutz Keramim) and near Tel Aviv (Kfar Saba). So no more matter where you are vacationing in Israel, convince your private Israel tour to make a Paintball stopover.

The elaborate history of Paintballing:  The first official paintball game, that included 12 men with paintball guns in the New Hampshire woods, was in 1981. The “guns” they fired at each other with were harmless Nel-spot 007 pistols ( used by farmers to mark tree) to fire balls of paint. Dangerous? No. Strange, yes. Thrilling? History can speak for itself, with over 10 million paintball players in the US alone. According to The History of Paintball website, it is the “fast growing sport in the world”.

Believe it or not, paintball is used also for military training. At the Paintball Israel facilities, there are IDF preparation courses, giving the incoming cadets knowledge about firing positions, land navigation, and contact combat.