Little Known Wonders of Tiberias

November 24th 2017

Most people’s eyes pass right over Tiberias when they’re planning their Israel itinerary, and why not. With the mystical Safed to the north, the cultured Tel Aviv to the South, and the capital city towering above all, who really has time for lazy, neglected Tiberias anyway?

While those other cities might be on the top of your to do lists, Tiberias actually has a ton of exciting things to do, as well. And, if this isn’t your first trip to Israel, you’ll definitely want to dedicate a day or so to checking out some of these hot attractions that are waiting for you up north.

Archeology in Tiberias

Due to a massive government effort, archeological digs have begun in Tiberias, and, with 2,000 years of history to uncover, their findings are phenomenal. Some fascinating finds include the main street that ran through Roman-ruled Tiberias, a tremendous stadium, a 7,000-seat Roman theatre, a millennium-old marketplace, and the southern gate of Antipas with its double towers. There is also a lot more digging going on, so expect to discover more ancient wonders constantly.

What’s really amazing about Tiberias is that the ancient is so much a part of the city that even with modern undertakings, the venerable nature prevails. Looking out your contemporary hotel window, walking between the modern-day restaurants, and in between credit card purchases, you can look down and see the archaic stones, structures, and setting wherever you go.

Dona Gracia Museum

This isn’t Ireland, so it’s not every day that you get to see an authentic castle! But, the Dona Gracia Museum is a really a tribute to the strength of women throughout history, and well worth the visit. Follow the footsteps of this heroic woman and her efforts on behalf of the Jewish people.


If water park action is your kind of fun, then you can’t get better than AquaKef. This innovative water park is creative, fun, and filled with surprises. The entire park is built on inflatable rafts and set on the ocean, so you spend the whole day bouncing, splashing, and having a blast! There’s a special area for little kids and three different zones for older kids and adults.

HaKishon Street Festival

The Kishon Street Festival is certainly one of Tiberias’ hidden jewels. Join locals and tourists who’ve learned the secret of shopping, bargain hunting, and people watching for an afternoon of culture, art, and wine tasting. You’ll enjoy homegrown specialties including rare cheeses, aged wines, and live musical entertainment.

Don’t forget the hot spring spas, holy sages that are buried in the area, and the breathtaking promenade that’s as romantic as it is entertaining.