Spotlight on Tiberias

January 25th 2016

Think you’ve seen Israel? Think again! Come explore all the hidden treasures and holy sites that Tiberias has to offer.

Spotlight on Tiberias

Said to be one of the four holy cities of Israel (Jerusalem, Tsfat, and Haifa are the other three), Tiberias has a mystical allure that cannot be denied. This city symbolizes the strength of water, and that is abundantly apparent from the soothing blue tones found painted on buildings, over electricity boxes, and naturally occurring across the pristine skies and beaches.

Here are a few of the most memorable spots that you can visit while in Tiberias this year.

Graves of the Sages & Matriarchs

For the biblical scholars or holy of heart, Tiberias will be a hearty Welcome Home! You can’t travel far in this city without discovering the gravesite of an honored sage from Jewish tradition, and that’s not surprising given the spiritual vibe that permeates the air. Visit Maimonides, one of the most famous 12th century rabbis, physicians, and philosophers, along with a dozen other Talmudic sages all buried in the same memorial grounds. Travelers will also appreciate visiting the graves of some women who played important roles in Jewish history including Tzipporah, the wife of Moses, matriarchs Bilha and Zilpah, and Rachel, the wife of Rebbe Akiva.

Tiberium Water Show

If you like lights, water, and some spectacular Technicolor effects, then check out the Tiberium water show because this event, well, blows the competition out of the water! The world-renowned Disk In Pro, an interactive visual communications creator that is famous for wowing crowds all over the world, has designed the show, so you know it’s going to fantastic. When the sun goes down, head straight for the Yigal Allon promenade (more on that in a minute) for a breathtaking display of lights and sounds using water, lasers, and unique fountain effects for a sensational experience that you can’t live without seeing at least once.

Tiberias Tayelet

One of the most magnificent places in the city is a long and decorated Yigal Allon promenade that touches the waters of Tiberias. Enjoy strolling through the colorful stands where local merchants sell their handmade wares, dine in some of the equisite ethnic restaurants, and gaze into the vast blueness of Lake Kinerett. This place is so delightful, you can even find teary-eyed couples regularly being proposed to and get caught up in those magical moments.

The fun and beauty doesn’t end here. While in Tiberias you can also enjoy the hot springs, myriad national parks, beaches, and so much more. So next time you’re in Israel, make sure that this holy city is at the top of your to-do list!