Tiberium Light Show

February 28th 2014

One of the city of Tiberias’s most compelling attractions, the Tiberium Light Show mixes two giant screens, dozens of skittering water fountains, artistic laser lights, music and pyrotechnics to create a dazzling display of water and light.

Located along the southern section of the promenade on the bank of the Sea of Galilee (Kinneret) in Tiberias, the Tiberium Light Show takes place three times each evening, except in rainy weather. The Tiberium itself is a lavish fountain that rivals the world-class Fountains of Bellagio in Las Vegas and The Magic Fountain of Montjuïc in Barcelona. Spectacular schpritzes, music and lighting add magic to an evening spent on the boardwalk in Tiberias. The water acrobatics of the Tiberium Light Show is free of charge to the public.  

There are four different water and light shows screened at each presentation of the Tiberium Light Show. Each is a symphony of color, sound, technology and artistry. The Classical Show combines classical music with artistic expressions from international artists. My Sea of Galilee tells the story of the Kinneret, its history, its development and the place it holds in Israeli society today. Past Grows the Future is part of an educational project of the Municipality of Tiberias that encourages young people to conserve their traditions. The fourth show, An Artistic Presentation, focuses on skillfully blending sound, color and rhythm. Each show lasts approximately 15 minutes and will amaze you with the creative ways that automated performance art can be made with water.

While you’re walking along the boardwalk in Tiberias, stop for a leisurely boat ride on the Kinneret. The boardwalk itself is filled with restaurants, cafés, bars and dessert shops. Plenty of souvenirs are available and during the summer months, streetside vendors offer all sorts of clothes and crafts, and live music street performances can be found in some spots.

If you’re visiting Tiberias in the winter, look for the Water Level Measure sculpture at the southern part of the boardwalk. Given Israel’s relative lack of natural water sources, coupled with the fact that it only rains in Israel during the winter months, the water level of Lake Kinneret is crucially important to all Israelis. The Water Level Measure sculpture was designed to display the current water level of the Kinneret in 3D.