Hamat Gader Hot Springs

December 27th 2013

During the period when Rome controlled what is now Israel, the therapeutic hot springs complex at Chamat Gader was the second largest bathhouse in the entire Roman Empire. Today, Chamat Gader is a lively recreation resort and landmark spa village, one of the most popular attractions in the Galilee.

Located on the southeastern Kinneret (Sea of Galilee), just a short drive from Tiberias, Chamat Gader offers a wide variety of things to see and do. The 40-acre park includes an ancient Roman bath structure, a series of thermo mineral pools, restaurants and covered tropical green seating areas. Bathing in these hot pools is known to contribute to healing, especially from joint pain. Guests find the hot springs exceptionally relaxing, especially in winter, when the cool air combines with the hot waters for a sublime effect. The waters here circulate at a steady 108 degrees Fahrenheit and contain sulfur and other healing minerals. The public pools are open 24 hours and are torch-lit after dark, allowing for romantic evening swims.

There are plenty of amenities for families traveling with young children. Chamat Gader is famous for its Crocodile Farm, with over 200 species of crocodiles. Trained parrots ride bicycles and roll on barrels at the small petting zoo. During the warmer times of year, kids can enjoy the Chamar Gader water park and its extreme slides. Family accommodations feature bunk beds for children, and kids’ meals are available.

With 17 individual treatment rooms, Spa Village offers a full range of massage and alternative treatments, staffed by professionally trained massage therapists. Spa packages include overnight stays, massage treatments and half board. Spa Village is open exclusively to guests of the Spa Village Hotel.

Clustered around the spa, the hotel is comprised of 29 spacious, luxury suites that are actually individual wooden cabins. When you arrive at the hotel’s electronic gate for check-in, a golf cart, attended by a friendly, courteous driver, is dispatched to pick you up and bring you to the hotel’s reception area just moments away.

Each cabin includes a main guest room and a fully equipped bathroom, separated by opaque glass walls. Each room offers a free soft drink minibar and a private Jacuzzi, with waters piped in from the thermo mineral springs. Spa-quality terry robes and slippers are provided, so you can leave your Crocs and flip flops at home. Selected cabins even include private saunas.